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The World This Weekend is a dynamic half-hour program that showcases first- rate journalism on the news of the day from Canada and around the world. We tell stories you won't hear anywhere else that connect you with remote places and people.

Referendum chaos in Ukraine; first-hand stories of the kidnapped girls in Nigeria; demonstrators demand an inquiry into missing Aboriginal women in Canada; high-performance athletes who go vegan; and more.
A priest is murdered in St. Pauls Alberta; momentum gathers for action in kidnapping of Nigerian schoolgirls; Canada-wide science open house; and -- breakdancing inspires Tunisian teens.
Mob frees detainees from a Ukrainian prison; a report from South Africa on the upcoming elections and the Pistorius trail; and a beaver dam breaks washing out a road and power lines.
International monitors released in Ukraine, Nigeria's kidnapped schoolgirls, and Ontarians get their head around a provincial election campaign.
Catholics celebrate as 2 former Popes became saints in a ceremony attended by 2 living Popes; the latest on the South Korean PM's resignation; and the LA Clippers playoff run goes sour in a bizarre way.
The scene at the Russian-Ukrainian border; more South Korean ferry personnel charged; an industrial plant in Sask. relies on Filipinos... and more.
Rubin "Hurricane" Carter has died, more bodies recovered from a sunken ferry, and vaccination frustration.
Waiting for word on missing ferry passengers, death threats against Rehtaeh Parsons' father and getting behind the Raptors
Ukraine threatens to crack down on pro-Russian supporters, boots, buckets and sandbagging from Manitoba to New Brunswick and averting climate catastrophe.
Ukraine's pro-Russia revolt is spreading, Heartbleed headaches continue, and fighting floods in Ontario and Quebec.
The final push for votes in Quebec, more possible plane sounds in the search for flight 370, and a new treatment for a children's cancer.
A new lead in the search for Flight 370, A historic voting day in Afghanistan , and a A guilty verdict in the beating death of a BC teenager.
Investigators puzzle over the deaths of high school students in a fire in an abandoned building in Charlottetown; Search dogs at the mudslide in Washington State take a day off to recharge; and teens in Moosonee Ontario like DC's new Cree superhero.
All the stories of the day -- as well as reports on women fighting in Syria; how beard transplants work; and why cover versions and tribute videos on youtube are making money for international pop stars.
Satellites find fresh data in Malaysia, Looking for survivors in Washington state, and Ukraine may be ripe for another territorial takeover.
Russia moves on a Crimean airbase, A possible image of debris from the missing Malaysian jetliner, and frozen pipes could be an issue for months.
Results from the vote in Crimea with reaction from Crimea, Ukraine and Canada; a few new wrinkles in the missing jet mystery; also a report on how the brutal winter is exhausting some Canadian wildlife. All this and more...
Reports from Kuala Lumpur on the missing jet, and from Sevastopol and Moscow on the Crimean showdown. Plus Serbs go back to the polls in a snap election -- and the Kitty Genovese murder reconsidered, fifty years on.
Still no clear sign of the missing Malaysia Airlines flight, rival rallies in Crimea, and members of Lev Tahor, back in Canada and not by choice.
A Malaysian jumbo jet disappears on its way to China, A battle of words and will between pro-Russians and pro-Ukranians, and marking International Women's Day.