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Canadians freed from an Egyptian prison, US defends raids in Libya and Somalia, and Malyasia will build a natural gas plant in Canada.
New video sheds light on Kenya's mall attackers, sex offender Micheal Stanley's whereabouts remain unknown, some US government workers return to their jobs.
Calls for the PM to intervene in Cairo, mourning the victims and stories of survival in Kenya, and protesting the Charter of Values in Quebec.
Concerns for Canadians being held in Egypt, Crackdown in Greece on the far right party, and looking for clues the bus/train crash in Ottawa.
Canadians among the victims of the Shooting in Kenya, and Angela Merkel re- elected as Germany's Chancellor.
Massacre in Kenya at a mall, Keystone Pipeline protests heat up, and opportunities amid the hard knocks for Blackberry.
The U.S. Secretary of State says Syria must comply with the deal to hand over its chemical weapons, or face military force. And in Italy, final preparations are underway to resurrect the cruise ship Costa Concordia which went down a 1.5 years ago.
In Montreal, thousands gathered to show their opposition to Quebec's proposed charter of values, which would ban public employees from wearing some religious symbols. And the U.S. and Russia reach a deal for Syria to dismantle its chemical weapons supply.
Syria's Bashar al-Assad again denies using chemical weapons against civilians, as the United States releases new video of the attack. And fans of wrestling rejoice as the sport is readmitted into the Olympic Games, starting in 2020.
The European Union blames Syria's Bashar al-Assad for a chemical attack on civilians, but calls for time before a military strike. And UBC investigates after business school students use a chant during frosh week advocating rape.
twtw sun sept 1 2013 Sept. 1, 2013
John Kerry confirms the UN found sarin residue on medical workers and victims in Syria. And -- wine burned as fuel? Wine bottled with coke? How France is dealing with too much wine and not enough drinkers.
twtw sat aug 31 2013 Aug. 31, 2013
The White House drafts a resolution authorizing force against Syria; Canada's Navy investigates the collision of 2 warships; and a Spanish aristocrat who may be the only Westerner employed by North Korea.
World leaders keep pressure on Syria, the future of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, and California fires threaten homes.
The USA considers it's options for Syria, the impact of Martin Luther King half a century later and surfing therapy
Egypt lays down the law, New claims regarding the death of Princess Diana, and an edible lesson for kids.
Street battles and gunfire at Cairo's Mosque, Searching for survivors in the Phillipines, and a deadly plane crash in BC.
New Construction in Israel's West Bank, A missing teen in California returns to her family,and Canadian tenis hopes are dashed.
A funeral for 2 New Brunswick boys killed by a snake, trouble in Belfast and a Canadian Tennis Triumph.
Olympic athletes are proud in Vancouver, Musicians unite for Alberta, and Diplomatic posts shut down over security concerns.
A Canadian soldier charged with murder, Mugabe re-elected in Zimbabwe, and Beards in Turkey