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An investigation continues in Lloydminster after a deadly crash,Police identify the body of a Winnipeg woman,and a theft in Cannes nets millions in gems.
Remembering 47 people in Lac Magentic, Collision in Saskatchewan, Korean Vets Honoured.
Saturday Thousands protest in U.S. cities in the name of Trayvon Martin In Italy, outrage over sentences in last year's Costa Cocordia disaster. And a study says four million Canadians don't have enough nutritious food.
Hundreds of runners raise money for the devastated town of Lac Megantic. New Brunswick cleans up after a possible tornado. And Chris Froome wins the Tour De France.
The court of public opinion. Zimmerman's not guilty verdict is met with protests. Also, A Canadian talent gone too soon. Actor, Corey Monteith is dead. And, Alberta's new rules for flood zones
Sadness,acceptance, resolve, in Lac Magantic, As the number of dead rises. Also tonight, Searching for more victims of a train derailment, near Paris. And our climate is changing and we need to as well.
More bodies are discovered in Lac Megantic's train wreck. Stories of survival in the deadly San Francisco plane crash. Andy Murray defeats Novak Djokovic in straight sets.
Tonight, At least one person is dead in Lac Megantic, Quebec following a train derailment and huge fire. Two thousand people are out of their homes as the Red Cross sets up shelters.Also a plane crash in San Francisco, several are seriously hurt. As the
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Obama visits the cell in which Nelson Mandela was imprisoned. And the story of a Canadian educator who heads a US college where forty percent of computer grads are women.
The latest on Mandela, Egypt and High River. Also from France, where parliament has just passed laws against misleading advertising for "home cooking".
Let me be perfectly clear, Calgary's Mayor implores people to put safety first, as thousands return home. Also tonight, High anxiety in High River. And, Nelson Mandela's condition worsens.
A flood disaster spanning 500 kilometres in Alberta. Calgary turns a corner, but with caution. Calgarians start to return home though slowly. In Medicine Hat officials urge people to prepare. While in Canmore, they're making the best of it.
In Instanbul, demonstrations against and for. Crowds rally in support of Turkey's Prime Minister. Also tonight, Fathers Day and Youth Day in South Africa, with prayers for Mandela, the father of a nation And Discovering The Dumbells.
Turban turnabout. The Quebec Soccer Federation overturns a ban on turbans. Also a moderate choice, a big surprise. Iran has a new president And a minor transaction for you, a major pain for small retailers.
Sunday prayers for Nelson Mandela. South Africans and others maintain a sombre watch as the 94-year-old remains in serious condition in hospital. Also Women of the Wall. A fight for gender equality at one of Israel's holiest sites. And Blades of Glory. A
Concern for a frail Nelson Mandela. The 94-year-old former president is in hospital with a lung infection. Also, the future of Canada's prostitution laws. Rallies by sex workers take place ahead of a Supreme court challenge. And car insurance based on how
"Mom led me to the door and when I went inside I was left with strangers": Incarcerated in an Ontario institution when she was six years old, a women has joined a $2 Billion class action. And the search for Pam Wallin's "home".
Tonight... more deadly weather in Oklahoma, another tornado takes its toll; Rob Ford's opponents protest at Toronto City Hall; and goodbye to television's Edith Bunker. DALET 82066 IN: boy the way RUNS 06 sx OUT hit parade Actress Jean Stapleton
Tonight The Ford brothers are up for a fight. Also tonight another arrest and more demonstrations, following the murder of a British soldier. And the 70th anniversary of the Battle of the Atlantic.
Doug Ford spends the day countering claims in the Globe and Mail that he had ties to the illegal drug trade. In several lengthy interviews to media -- he denies all, and insists that an election be called.