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Nigel Wright has resigned over a personal cheque written to Mike Duffy, a mistake that brings the Senate finance scandals right into the Prime Minister's office.
CBC talks to football associates of Rob Ford who deny drug use by Toronto’s mayor – and also to the people who’ve seen the video which allegedly shows Ford in a drug-induced stupour. Also -- “smell composers” who mix and match smells for movies.
The end of an out of this world experience. Chris Hadfield hands over command. And Anguish on Mother's Day. An emotional appeal from the mother of Tim Bosma. Also You've gotta be-leaf. Big game for Toronto.
Mission accomplished. Repairs have been made at the International Space Station. Also Police in Hamilton, Ontario get a break in a case. And I'd scream, You'd scream, att 85-dollars for ice cream. Price gouging leaves a bad taste in the mouths of visitor
Rocket attacks and threats of reprisals. Will Syria strike back against Israel. Remembering the Battle of the Atlantic. The toll and the lives it took. And does green energy make our lives better. A farmer who disagrees.
Activists blame Syrian government forces for the latest massacre. Where has all the water gone. Lower levels in the great lakes raise concerns. And May the fourth isn't an official holiday but, don't tell that to Star Wars fans.
Prisoners and guards worry about their safety as the Alberta corrections walkout continues. The Bangladesh factory collapse focuses attention on the price we pay to work. Risking lives to make a living. And rough Justice. Some Mexicans are picking up guns
Alberta Lockdown. The guards walk out and hundreds of inmates sit in their cells. A Royal Review. Pipes, drums, and Prince Philip, on a quick trip to Canada. And Africa's avalanche of trash. What we throw away here ends up there.
Tonight after a difficult and deadly week in Boston people come together to heal. In Canada and around the world today's marathons are more than just a test of endurance. And an inside look at Korea's hit factory.
Tonight, With the surviving suspect in custody Boston bounces back with sports. Also a devastating earthquake hits China. And its Juno Weekend in Canada.
Justin Trudeau takes over the Liberal party. But can he lead it to power. A North Korean defector talks to the CBC. And Remembering Rehtaeh Parsons
Tracking the latest suspect in the Algerian gas plant attack. Once again, the path starts in London, Ontario. And Rehtaeh Parsons is layed to rest in Halifax
One of Canada's largest banks replaces domestic staff with foreign workers. The government calls the Royal Bank's move unacceptable. And A Canadian Olympian's dreams of rowing across the Atlantic get washed away.
Skepticism surrounds a Canadian man's claim he isn't getting help as he tries to get out of a West African jail.
Good evening, I'm David Michael Lamb. This is The World This Weekend. Tonight...Pope Francis celebrates Easter Mass in front of a huge crowd at the Vatican and calls for peace in the middle east. Police in Toronto are now piecing together what led to a
Good evening, I'm Steven Bull, this is The World This Weekend. Tonight....Tributes continue for the late Alberta Premier Ralph Klein. And the man involved in one of the most infamous incidents speaks out. Also tonight...After a deadly house fire north o
The Monday deadline for a European bailout. Cypriots fear for their future. And another Canadian is found in the wreckage of an Algerian terrorist attack.
Tonight, Politicians in Cyprus finally agree to raid personal bank accounts, so long as the rich pay more. But, will the bailout plan stop a run on the banks. And the Liberal leadership hopefuls debate.
Good evening, I'm Aaron Saltzman. This is The World This Weekend. Tonight Quebec Jail Break. Two men on the lam and you won't believe how they made their escape. Also tonight The People's Pope. Francis in his first St. Peters Square blessing.
Good evening, I'm Aaron Salzman This is The World This Weekend. Tonight The Pope speaks to the world's media and reveals why he chose the name Francis. Also tonight. Breaking the ice. How hockey is helping overcome historical differences.