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New research on how society works

'Selfies' - every day Facebook users upload 350million photos, Instagrammers share 95 million photos and there are 3 billion Snapchat snaps. A central element of visual sharing online involves 'selfies' -which often generate more comment than anything else. But why this fascination with images that can often be repetitive and unimaginative? Do they feed a culture of unhealthy narcissism, as critics assert, or are they a more complex cultural phenomenon? Also, Disconnected - why are some people turning their back on the use of any information communication technologies? Laurie Taylor talks to Mariann Hardy, Acting Director, Advanced Research in Computing ...



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Gangs and spirituality June 27, 2018
Gangs and spirituality - can religious belief lead members away from crime?
China today June 20, 2018
China - how was it lifted out of poverty and what does the future hold?
Light and Dark June 13, 2018
How the meanings of light and dark have changed over time in the context of urban life.
Size Discrimination June 6, 2018
Laurie Taylor considers what it means to be very tall, very big or very short.
Business Schools May 30, 2018
Should business schools be shut down? Laurie Taylor examines the arguments.
Law and Order May 23, 2018
Law and Order: the drama series revisited 40 years later.
Marx and Marxism May 16, 2018
Marx and Marxism revisited.
Laurie Taylor analyses the social and political consequences of our digitised world.
Universal Basic Income - could it work?
Menswear Revolution April 25, 2018
Menswear revolution - the changes in men's clothes over time.
The winner of the 2018 BSA/Thinking Allowed Ethnography Award.
The shortlist for the 2018 BSA/Thinking Allowed Ethnography Award 2018.
Mixed-race families April 4, 2018
When is mixed-race heritage passed down to the next generation and when is it not?
Hook-up culture: dating at university. Also, how online dating has changed our world.
Sacrifice March 21, 2018
Sacrifice - from Christ's crucifixion to Salafi jihadist suicide bombers.
Racial inequality now. Also, women and political language.
Is democracy failing women? Also, how 'normality' is established in language.
The White Working Class. Feb. 28, 2018
The white working class - is there a 'left-behind'?
Artisanal and natural foods.