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Jason Calacanis and a rotating group of guest experts bring you this weekly take on the best, worst, most outrageous and interesting stories from the world of Web companies. Calacanis, a podcasting pioneer, gives you an insider's look at what's happening in the tech industry with his trademark blunt style and good humor. Looking to start your own company? Need strategies for improving your business or motivating your team? Just want to catch up on what's happening in Silicon Valley and beyond? Your journey begins here.

The post [E1068 AMA: NEA’s Ben Narasin takes questions from founders: most important content in a pitch deck, COVID’s impact on dealmaking, traits he looks for in founders & more!]( ben-narasin-takes-questions-from-founders-most-important-content-in-a-pitch- deck-covids-impact-on-dealmaking-traits-he-looks-for-in-founders-more/) appeared first on [This Week In Startups]( ![](
The post [E1067: Garry Tan, Managing Partner & Co-Founder of Initialized Capital, on dealing with downstream investors as a Seed-stage firm, software companies acting as governments, possibility of building IPO-level companies while fully-distributed & much more!]( founder-of-initialized-capital-on-dealing-with-downstream-investors-as-a-seed- stage-firm-software-companies-acting-as-governments-possibility-of-building- ipo/) appeared first on [This Week In Startups]( ![](
The post [E1066: The Power of Accelerators E6 David Brown, CEO & Co-Founder of TechStars on leading the virtual accelerator trend, benefits of going global, sustained vs. temporary changes from COVID & more!]( accelerators-e6-david-brown-ceo-co-founder-of-techstars-on-leading-the- virtual-accelerator-trend-benefits-of-going-global-sustained-vs-temporary- changes-from-covid-more/) appeared first on [This Week In Startups]( ![](
The post [E1065 AMA: Slice CEO Ilir Sela answers questions from founders: tips on selling into scattered markets (like Mom & Pop shops), COVID’s impact on the restaurant industry, scaling Slice’s $43M Series C & more!]( questions-from-founders-tips-on-selling-into-scattered-markets-like-mom-pop- shops-covids-impact-on-the-restaurant-industry-scaling-slices-43m-series/) appeared first on [This Week In Startups]( ![](
The post [E1064: News Roundtable! Sam Parr & Zach Coelius on Barstool Sports vs. Call Her Daddy, SoftBank’s $17B loss, TikTok poaches former Disney exec as CEO, Facebook launches Shops & more!]( coelius-on-barstool-sports-vs-call-her-daddy-softbanks-17b-loss-tiktok- poaches-former-disney-exec-as-ceo-facebook-launches-shops-more/) appeared first on [This Week In Startups]( ![](
The post [E1063: The Power of Accelerators E5 Joshua Baer, CEO & Founder of Capital Factory shares lessons from investing in 400+ startups, best practices for transitioning accelerators to remote, insights on SXSW cancellation & more]( accelerators-e5-joshua-baer-ceo-founder-of-capital-factory-shares-lessons- from-investing-in-400-startups-best-practices-for-transitioning-accelerators- to-remote-insights-on-s/) appeared first on [This Week In Startups]( ![](
The post [E1062: News Roundtable! Acquired.FM Co-Hosts Ben Gilbert & David Rosenthal on Clubhouse’s pre-launch $100M valuation, Joe Rogan to Spotify, Uber layoffs, food delivery wars, Facebook buys GIPHY & more!]( hosts-ben-gilbert-david-rosenthal-on-clubhouses-pre-launch-100m-valuation-joe- rogan-to-spotify-uber-layoffs-food-delivery-wars-facebook-buys-giphy-mor/) appeared first on [This Week In Startups]( ![](
The post [E1061 AMA: Hustle Fund Co-Founder & General Partner Elizabeth Yin answers 50 questions from founders!]( hustle-fund-co-founder-general-partner-elizabeth-yin-answers-50-questions- from-founders/) appeared first on [This Week In Startups]( ![](
The post [E1060 AMA: Range CEO & Co-Founder Dan Pupius answers questions from founders: meeting & collaborating with Evan Williams, divvying up time while building a remote team, product development advice, benefits of co-founders & more]( pupius-answers-questions-from-founders-meeting-collaborating-with-evan- williams-divvying-up-time-while-building-a-remote-team-product-development- advice-ben/) appeared first on [This Week In Startups]( ![](
The post [E1059: The Power of Accelerators E4 Sean O’Sullivan, Managing General Partner of SOSV on running capital intensive accelerators in hardware, life sciences & food science, unique follow-on strategy, cell-based meat going mainstream, China-based vs. US-based accelerators]( accelerators-e4-sean-osullivan-managing-general-partner-of-sosv-on-running- capital-intensive-accelerators-in-hardware-life-sciences-food-science-unique- follow-on-strategy-c/) appeared first on [This Week In Startups]( ![](
The post [E1058: Slice CEO & Founder Ilir Sela helps local pizzerias compete with chains by digitizing orders & small fees, shares insights on raising $40M+ Series C during pandemic, “reverse franchise model”, viral GrubHub invoice, helping front-line workers & local pizzerias with Pizza vs. Pandemic]( helps-local-pizzerias-compete-with-chains-by-digitizing-orders-small-fees- shares-insights-on-raising-40m-series-c-during-pandemic-reverse-franchise- model/) appeared …
The post [E1057: Founders Fund General Partner Keith Rabois on stock market bounce back, domain expertise being overrated, US/China issues, 2020 election, recipe for startups success, chaos making way for a new generation of entrepreneurs & much more!]( fund-general-partner-keith-rabois-on-stock-market-bounce-back-domain- expertise-being-overrated-us-china-issues-2020-election-recipe-for-startups- success-chaos-making-way-for-a-new/) appeared first on [This Week In Startups]( ![](
The post [E1056 AMA: StartX & Nexus Events Founder Cameron Teitelman answers questions from founders: how universities with no entrepreneurial culture can mimic Stanford, building flexible & sustainable culture during COVID, scaling Nexus Events rapidly & more!]( nexus-events-founder-cameron-teitelman-answers-questions-from-founders-how- universities-with-no-entrepreneurial-culture-can-mimic-stanford-building- flexible-sustainable-culture/) appeared first on [This Week In Startups]( ![](
The post [E1055: Hustle Fund Co-Founder & General Partner Elizabeth Yin on her unique portfolio strategy, attracting first-time LPs, optimism for post-COVID fundraising, dealing with pro rata as a smaller fund & more!]( partner-elizabeth-yin-on-her-unique-portfolio-strategy-attracting-first-time- lps-optimism-for-post-covid-fundraising-dealing-with-pro-rata-as-a-smaller- fund/) appeared first on [This Week In Startups]( ![](
The post [AMA 2: All Turtles CEO Phil Libin answers questions from founders: should early-stage founders prioritize data or instincts, building global products, ML risks, thoughts on remote work]( questions-from-founders-should-early-stage-founders-prioritize-data-or- instincts-building-global-products-ml-risks-thoughts-on-remote-work/) appeared first on [This Week In Startups]( ![](
The post [UPCOMING: Register for Angel.University Online at Angel.University/Events]( angel-university-online-at-angel-university-events/) appeared first on [This Week In Startups]( ![](
The post [E1054: The Power of Accelerators E3 Siobhan Dullea, CEO of MassChallenge on running a non-profit accelerator, accepting hundreds of companies per year, what makes a great application, why East Coast investors are more conservative & more!]( of-accelerators-e3-siobhan-dullea-ceo-of-masschallenge-on-running-a-non- profit-accelerator-accepting-hundreds-of-companies-per-year-what-makes-a- great-application-why-east-coast-i/) appeared first on [This Week In Startups]( ![](
The post [E1053: Ask Jason! Catching‌ ‌an‌ ‌investor’s‌ ‌eye‌ ‌with‌ ‌a‌ ‌cold‌ ‌email‌, what founders/investors often overlook during pitches, COVID’s impact on Jason’s deal flow, domain name hacks & more!]( catching%e2%80%8c-%e2%80%8can%e2%80%8c-%e2%80%8cinvestors%e2%80%8c-%e2%80%8ceye%e2%80%8c-%e2%80%8cwith%e2%80%8c-%e2%80%8ca%e2%80%8c-%e2%80%8ccold%e2%80%8c-%e2%80%8cemail%e2%80%8c/) appeared first on [This Week In Startups]( ![](
The post [E1052: Range CEO & Co-Founder Dan Pupius shares best practices on building culture as a remote team, insights from working on Google+, importance of asynchronous communication on distributed teams, Holacracy & more!]( shares-best-practices-on-building-culture-as-a-remote-team-insights-from- working-on-google-importance-of-asynchronous-communication-on-distributed- teams-ho/) appeared first on [This Week In Startups]( ![](
The post [AMA 1: freeCodeCamp’s Quincy Larson answers founder and developer questions]( answers-founder-and-developer-questions/) appeared first on [This Week In Startups]( ![](