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Jason Calacanis and a rotating group of guest experts bring you this weekly take on the best, worst, most outrageous and interesting stories from the world of Web companies. Calacanis, a podcasting pioneer, gives you an insider's look at what's happening in the tech industry with his trademark blunt style and good humor. Looking to start your own company? Need strategies for improving your business or motivating your team? Just want to catch up on what's happening in Silicon Valley and beyond? Your journey begins here.

The post [E37: “Angel” Podcast: Nicole Quinn, Partner at Lightspeed shares benefits of celebrity founders like Lady Gaga & Gwyneth Paltrow, insights on investing in consumer & power of “Force of Nature” product people]( at-lightspeed-shares-benefits-of-celebrity-founders-like-lady-gaga-gwyneth- paltrow-insights-on-investing-in-consumer-power-of-force-of-nature-pro/) appeared first on [This Week In Startups]( ![](
The post [E1035: SoftBank Managing Partner Jeff Housenbold on deploying the $100B Vision Fund, getting recruited by Masayoshi Son, counseling founders to manage massive capital, creating moats, reasons for shift toward profits, lessons from WeWork & more]( managing-partner-jeff-housenbold-on-deploying-the-100b-vision-fund-getting- recruited-by-masayoshi-son-counseling-founders-to-manage-massive-capital- creating-moats-reasons-for-shif/) appeared first on [This Week In Startups]( ![](
The post [E1034: Formlabs CEO & Co-Founder Max Lobovsky shares insights on hitting $100M in revenue as a 3D printing platform, most lucrative use cases, growing organically, best 3D printing examples in science fiction]( lobovsky-shares-insights-on-hitting-100m-in-revenue-as-a-3d-printing-platform- most-lucrative-use-cases-growing-organically-best-3d-printing-examples-in- science/) appeared first on [This Week In Startups]( ![](
The post [E36: “Angel” Podcast: Ajay Agarwal, Partner at Bain Capital shares insights on culture evolving from sales-driven to product-driven, why enterprise software is the ideal business, best investments & anti- portfolio]( partner-at-bain-capital-shares-insights-on-culture-evolving-from-sales-driven- to-product-driven-why-enterprise-software-is-the-ideal-business-best- investments/) appeared first on [This Week In Startups]( ![](
The post [E1033: News Roundtable! Lambda School CEO Austen Allred & General Catalyst Partner Katherine Boyle on Lambda School controversy, Techlash & late-stage journalism, Robinhood down as Dow jumps & more!]( austen-allred-general-catalyst-partner-katherine-boyle-on-lambda-school- controversy-techlash-late-stage-journalism-robinhood-down-as-dow-jumps-more/) appeared first on [This Week In Startups]( ![](
The post [E1032: News Roundtable! Robinhood Snacks’ Duo Jack Kramer & Nick Martell on Coronavirus’ impact on public markets, Iger out at Disney – Buy or Sell?, link-baiting Tesla crash, defining Cult Stocks & more!]( duo-jack-kramer-nick-martell-on-coronavirus-impact-on-public-markets-iger-out- at-disney-buy-or-sell-link-baiting-tesla-crash-defining-cult-stocks/) appeared first on [This Week In Startups]( ![](
The post [E35: “Angel” Podcast: Sarah Tavel, Partner at Benchmark shares insights on getting recruited by Peter Fenton, disrupting VC gender norms from the inside, transitioning from operator to investor & more]( benchmark-shares-insights-on-getting-recruited-by-peter-fenton-disrupting-vc- gender-norms-from-the-inside-transitioning-from-operator-to-investor-mo/) appeared first on [This Week In Startups]( ![](
The post [E1031: Zumper CEO & Co-Founder Anthemos Georgiades makes renting an apartment as easy as booking a hotel, shares insights on monetizing marketplaces, diversifying revenue streams to limit downside, Airbnb’s effect on the rental market & more!]( co-founder-anthemos-georgiades-makes-renting-an-apartment-as-easy-as-booking- a-hotel-shares-insights-on-monetizing-marketplaces-diversifying-revenue- streams-to-limit-downside-ai/) appeared first on [This Week In Startups]( ![](
The post [E1030: News Roundtable! Zapier CEO Wade Foster & Early-Stage Investor Monique Woodard on Tech Journalists vs. Founders/VCs, Twitter’s fake news detection, Kickstarter union, Blue Apron plummeting, Lambda School controversy & more!]( zapier-ceo-wade-foster-early-stage-investor-monique-woodard-on-tech- journalists-vs-founders-vcs-twitters-fake-news-detection-kickstarter-union- blue-apron-plummet/) appeared first on [This Week In Startups]( ![](
The post [E34: “Angel” Podcast: George Zachary, General Partner at CRV shares insights on cancer scare shifting his focus to investing in health-tech, passing on Google at MDV, CRISPR & “designer babies”, coronavirus threat, origins of Sand Hill Road & more!]( podcast-george-zachary-general-partner-at-crv-shares-insights-on-cancer-scare- shifting-his-focus-to-investing-in-health-tech-passing-on-google-at-mdv- crispr-designer-babies-c/) appeared first on [This Week In …
The post [E1029: Basecamp Co-Founder & Author David Heinemeier Hansson (@DHH) debates Jason on reining in capitalism, benefits of state-run education & healthcare, big-tech disappointments, work-from-home paradigm shift, wealth tax & more!]( david-heinemeier-hansson-dhh-debates-jason-on-reining-in-capitalism-benefits- of-state-run-education-healthcare-big-tech-disappointments-work-from-home- parad/) appeared first on [This Week In Startups]( ![](
The post [E1028: Laura Huang, author of “Edge: Turning Adversity into Advantage” shares insights on overcoming disadvantages to create an edge, being bitter vs. getting better, structural bias in tech & more]( adversity-into-advantage-shares-insights-on-overcoming-disadvantages-to- create-an-edge-being-bitter-vs-getting-better-structural-bias-in-tech-more/) appeared first on [This Week In Startups]( ![](
The post [E33: “Angel” Podcast: Dan Rose, Chairman at Coatue Management is leading a $700M early-stage fund, shares insights on working with Bezos & Zuckerberg during pivotal years at Amazon & Facebook, 100+ angel investments, standout founder traits & more]( podcast-dan-rose-chairman-at-coatue-management-is-leading-a-700m-early-stage- fund-shares-insights-on-working-with-bezos-zuckerberg-during-pivotal-years-at- amazon-facebook-100/) appeared first on [This Week In Startups]( …
The post [E1027: Orreco CEO & Founder Dr. Brian Moore built a platform that optimizes performance of elite athletes, shares cutting-edge benefits of blood sampling, biomarkers, inflammation reduction, glucose monitoring & more!]( built-a-platform-that-optimizes-performance-of-elite-athletes-shares-cutting- edge-benefits-of-blood-sampling-biomarkers-inflammation-reduction-glucose-m/) appeared first on [This Week In Startups]( ![](
The post [E1026: Cocoon Co-Founders Sachin Monga & Alex Cornell are building an intimate app to connect close circles, share insights on key standout features, raising money as a messaging app, breeding trust via strong domain names, ideal customers & more]( founders-sachin-monga-alex-cornell-are-building-an-intimate-app-to-connect- close-circles-share-insights-on-key-standout-features-raising-money-as-a- messaging-app-breeding-trust-v/) appeared first on [This Week In …
The post [E32: “Angel” podcast: Season 4 Premiere! Sarah Cannon, Partner at Index Ventures, shares insights on investing in the future of work, underrated emerging startup markets, going from the Obama Administration to Venture Capital, increasing upward mobility in America, fixing the gig economy & more!]( sarah-cannon-partner-at-index-ventures-shares-insights-on-investing-in-the- future-of-work-underrated-emerging-startup-markets-going-from-the-obama- admini/) appeared …
The post [E1025: #StartupTuneup @ Founder.University Part 2!: 6 founders pitch to Jason & Dave Samuel of Freestyle Capital on AI driving assistance, sleep- aid wearables, marijuana, B2B food analytics & more!]( part-2-6-founders-pitch-to-jason-dave-samuel-of-freestyle-capital-on-ai- driving-assistance-sleep-aid-wearables-marijuana-b2b-food-analytics-more/) appeared first on [This Week In Startups]( ![](
The post [E1024: #StartupTuneup @ Founder.University: 6 founders pitch to Jason & Dave Samuel of Freestyle Capital on merging communication networks, athlete performance tracking, DTC women’s clothing, smart tabletop gaming systems & more!]( university-6-founders-pitch-to-jason-dave-samuel-of-freestyle-capital-on- merging-communication-networks-athlete-performance-tracking-dtc-womens- clothing-smart-t/) appeared first on [This Week In Startups]( ![](
The post [E1023: News Roundtable! Machine Zone CEO Kristen Dumont & The Register’s Iain Thomson on Bezos phone hack, Tesla valuation skyrocketing, DJ Elon, Coronavirus, Barstool Sports funding, unions, proposed Uber/DoorDash merger & more!]( zone-ceo-kristen-dumont-the-registers-iain-thomson-on-bezos-phone-hack-tesla- valuation-skyrocketing-dj-elon-coronavirus-barstool-sports-funding-unions- propose/) appeared first on [This Week In Startups]( ![](
The post [E1022: One Drop CEO & Founder Jeff Dachis helps people with diabetes manage & improve their blood-sugar levels, shares insights on making data actionable, recent strategic partnership with Bayer, issues with US healthcare & potential life-expansion]( founder-jeff-dachis-helps-people-with-diabetes-manage-improve-their-blood- sugar-levels-shares-insights-on-making-data-actionable-recent-strategic- partnership-with-bayer-issu/) appeared first on [This Week In Startups]( ![](