E1070: The Power of Accelerators E7 Ravi Belani, Managing Director of Alchemist Accelerator on why the best entrepreneurs love the process, risk- taking, sourcing & investing in Justin.tv at DFJ & more June 3, 2020

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0:20 Jason intros Alchemist's Ravi Belani
3:41 Why is Alchemist named after Paulo Coelho book? What is the biggest benefit of Accelerators?
5:47 Ravi's background at DFJ, sourcing the Justin.tv investment
15:02 Why Ravi left DFJ to start Alchemist
21:52 How many companies have gone through Alchemist and what is their standard deal?
28:21 Why accelerators take more risk than VC firms
35:07 The best entrepreneurs love the process
38:35 How are Alchemist's programs structured? Did they have trouble transitioning to remote?
44:38 Have virtual meetings been resulting in checks from investors? Dealing with investing in competitive companies
49:59 What is Alchemist's diligence process like?
55:01 What does venture capital funding look like in the medium-term