E1071 Ask Jason: Black Lives Matter, Post-COVID tech hubs, Founder/VC disputes, bringing manufacturing back to the US, pre-selling SaaS products & more June 5, 2020

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Jason on CNBC: https://youtu.be/V6oqvDnuAgI

0:01 Jason intros today's questions
1:51 Aaron: Thoughts on Black Lives Matter?
9:06 Joe: How can startups play a role in bringing manufacturing back to the US?
14:46 Alex: Any tips on pre-selling a SaaS product?
17:38 Arthur: How should I prepare to be a great Syndicate member in the future? In a perfect world, what does the Syndicate become?
21:13 Matthew: You often talk about founders needing to be in SV in order to be close to the action. Post-COVID, how does this change? Do places like Sydney, Vancouver, or Beijing become "big-game" cities?
28:37 Charlie: Love when you mention on your blog post a pressing need with “Someone should build this!” What’s your latest “someone should build this?” right now?
30:04 Sergey: In "Angel", you suggest to invest about $5000 per deal to minimize the risk in the beginning. Will founders care to spend an hour to pitch such a small investor?
31:26 Ruud: How common are founder/VC disputes? Is there a ranking of VCs by how founder-friendly they are? Curious if this has gotten better or worse over time?
34:48 Alex: Is it advisable to look up competitors' investors and avoid them to prevent someone at the firm from sharing critical info with your competitor? Has that happened before, or is that too paranoid?
36:35 Kirk: What is your succession plan with Launch/TWiST and why? Also, what other syndicates do you admire and why?