E1073: The Power of Accelerators E8 Mike Jones, CEO of Science shares insights on what makes a great Direct-to-Consumer Founder, investing early in Dollar Shave Club, economics of a venture-studio & more! June 10, 2020

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0:32 Jason speaks on current events and intros Science CEO Mike Jones, how they met after selling their companies to AOL
6:02 What is Science and how has it evolved since being started in 2011? Why did they pivot away from the startup studio model?
12:43 What are the economics of a venture-studio?
15:25 Defining the 3 scenarios of a "lifestyle-business"
18:41 Founders sharpening their skills through hardship, how Mike experienced that at MySpace
25:48 Investing in Dollar Shave Club, insights on what makes a great DTC founder
38:25 Short-term/Mid-term/Long-term impact of COVID
48:37 What is gained and lost in fully-remote work?
57:28 Thoughts on eventually going back to work?