E1074 News: How VC can do better for underrepresented founders, Zoom shuts down Chinese pro-democracy accounts, Wall Street Bets, Reddit appoints YC CEO Michael Seibel to BoD & more with Lolita Taub & Tom Uebel June 12, 2020

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0:01 Jason intros Tom Uebel & Lolita Taub
5:17 George Floyd/Black Lives Matter protests impacting Venture Capital, Angela Benton's tweets about her bad experience with Cowboy Ventures, how can VC move forward and be better towards underestimated founders?
17:37 Lolita & Jason reflect on some imperfect investor moments towards founders
23:55 How investor bias towards underrepresented founders manifests itself
28:23 Tom on focusing on diversity in hiring at the earliest stage of a companies life, how people with raw talent miss out on opportunities due to pattern-matching
39:23 Zoom's shuts down a Chinese pro-democracy account, importance of Data privacy at Command E, Jason's thoughts on Zoom only giving end-to-end encryption to paid accounts
52:36 Wall Street Bets, Meme stocks and a new generation of Robinhood traders
56:59 Reddit appoints YC CEO Michael Seibel to its board after Alexis Ohanian steps down, former interim CEO Ellen Pao has words for current CEO Steve Huffman
1:03:07 Issues of free speech & why relying solely on government organizations may be the wrong decision
1:05:45 Juneteenth observation, potential reparation ideas
1:10:27 Assessing COVID-19 recent death numbers & risk of getting back to work
1:23:03 Lolita shares her founder-investor matching tool
1:25:30 Tom demos Command E