E1076: The Power of Accelerators E9 Sunny Madra, Head of Ford X on innovating mobility for a post-COVID world, going from idea to product at a large corporation & more June 18, 2020

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0:52 Jason intros Ford X's Sunny Madra
4:39 How Sunny got his start in Accelerators working on Tinder with Hatch Labs at IAC
11:47 What is Ford X's thesis on mobility and how do they decide whether to buy or build a company?
16:18 How does Ford X evaluate new ideas & how do they source talent? Sunny speaks about his personal investment in Cabana
22:56 Going from idea to product at a large corporation like Ford
29:29 Assessing risk-taking in early-stage ventures at a major company
35:02 How COVID has impacted Ford's stance on mobility & micro-mobility
42:10 Thoughts on bikes, car subscriptions, Ford's resilient commercial business
50:36 Ford's movement in the EV & autonomous vehicle space