E969: News Roundtable! Molly Wood, Marketplace & Alex Wilhelm, Crunchbase News on WeWork IPO, obfuscation & the consequences of too much money, Peloton appeal, Jeffrey Epstein & the culpability of tech elite, TikTok data mining Americans & other China-US rivalry concerns, Long Term Stock Exchange explained, JUUL danger Aug. 31, 2019

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1:19 Jason Intros the panelists
3:08 WeWork IPO chaos
10:06 Comparing Ray Kroc and Adam Neumann
16:15 Founder lessons from WeWork mess
24:45 Worst part of the WeWork IPO
27:24 Peloton IPO
28:10 Is Peloton elitist?
31:30 Peloton’s high margin hardware business
34:35 Jason and guests play “Company A or Company B”
37:51 Will Disney+ unseat other streaming giants?
45:45 Joi Ito and Jeffrey Epstein
46:52 Jason tells his Jeffrey Epstein story
58:55 How high up does the scandal go?
1:08:34 TikTok’s influence over millennial/gen Z Americans
1:14:49 What is the Long Term Stock Exchange?
1:21:27 Is Juul bad?