E970: Revel CEO & Co-founder Lisa Marrone is building communities for women over 50, creating networking opportunities & solving loneliness through curated collaborative events, shares insights on inspiration, virality, scaling strategies, and pricing; plus Office Hours with Jason Sept. 3, 2019

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2:45 What is Revel?
8:00 Losing friends as you age
18:05 Revel's pricing model
20:47 Who does Revel resonate with most?
23:10 Helping women over 50 with loneliness
33:25 How Revel uses virality to scale
36:58 Revel hosts using the platform as a second source of income
39:05 Will Revel get into physical spaces?
49:43 Leonardo from Send4 on Open Office Hours with Jason
54:37 Scaling growth in a B2B SaaS product