E974: The Next Unicorns: Grove Collaborative CEO & Co-founder Stuart Landesberg grew his natural household goods startup to $100M+ in revenue as a B Corp, brings natural products to underserved markets, successfully competes against Amazon as a first-time founder – E2 of 10-ep miniseries Sept. 12, 2019

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2:30 Stuart explains Grove Collaborative's mission
6:50 Bringing natural products to under-served markets
12:35 Supply-chain diligence necessary for a Certified B Corp
16:20 What is a Certified B Corporation, and how did Grove stay investable early on?
22:50 Navigating being a B Corporation while maintaining profitability
28:30 Competing against Amazon
37:00 Are traditional CPG companies starting to become more eco-friendly?
47:05 How Stuart was as a first time founder
53:05 Jason & Stuart discuss factory worker treatment
57:40 Societal benefits of proper compensation