E980: The Next Unicorns: Alto Pharmacy CEO & Co-founder Mattieu Gamache- Asselin is working to fix the broken US pharmacy system by removing friction & aligning incentives among patients, doctors & insurers, shares insights on trading short-term profits for long-term success, combating the opioid crisis, early days meeting Justin Kan, & innovating in a difficult market – E4 of 10-ep miniseries Sept. 25, 2019

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0:51 Jason intros Mattieu Gamache-Asselin
2:52 Changing from ScriptDash to Alto Pharmacy
4:19 Meeting and working with Twitch founder Justin Kan in the early days of Alto
6:51 Message to HBO’s Silicon Valley writing room
7:26 Working out of Justin Kan’s house
8:15 Why are pharmacies broken? How is Alto fixing them?
14:25 How did Alto’s team architect a 1.0 version of their pharmacy?
21:44 US Healthcare is broken due to bad incentive structures
28:23 Does Alto compare to Hims and Roman?
32:24 What are Alto’s profit margins?
35:00 This Week in Cinema: It’s a Wonderful Life
39:07 Maintaining balance between being scrappy/aggressive while also abiding by all medical regulations
39:54 How has Alto scaled so far?
45:55 Who is responsible for the opioid crisis?
51:24 What is Alto building to combat the crisis?
53:27 Trading short-term gain for long-term gain
56:56 How Alto was initially received among investors
1:01:03 This Week in Cinema: The Mission
1:04:30 What skill does Matt think many founders lack?
1:07:02 Operational excellence in former Amazon executives
1:13:49 #1 Lesson that Matt has learned since becoming a founder