This Week in Tech (Audio)

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Your first podcast of the week is the last word in tech. Join the top tech pundits in a roundtable discussion of the latest trends in high tech. Records live every Sunday at 5:15pm Eastern / 2:15pm Pacific / 21:15 UTC.

492 TWiT 492: The Quadfather Jan. 12, 2015
CES, self-driving cars, UltraHD TVs, Google insurance, and more.
Relevance of CES, robot wars at home, trending trends, and more.
490 TWiT 490: The Best of 2014 Dec. 28, 2014
Memorable TWiT moments from 2014.
489 TWiT 489: Bobby Had a Nickel Dec. 22, 2014
Cyber vandalism, the 'Year in Search,' Yahoo story time, and more.
488 TWiT 488: Second Life Wife Dec. 15, 2014
YouTube Rewind, Sony document dump, protected hate speech, and more.
Sony hack, Bureau 121, cat CAPTCHAs, invisible ads, and more.
Bad Tech CEOs, motivational wristbands, sleep hacks, and more.
485 TWiT 485: Uber Delenda Est Nov. 24, 2014
Uber culture clash, big phones, fuel cell car, CastAR ships, and more.
Net neutrality debate, flying dirtboxes, Lollipop envy, and more.
483 TWiT 483: Google Burger Nov. 10, 2014
Amazon's talking tube, Larry Page's big mission, breach fatigue, and more.
Cook and Zuckerberg in China, tap-to-pay competition, shift to IP TV, and more.
480 TWiT 480: And. Roid. Oct. 20, 2014
Apple Pay, Twitter turmoil, cable chaos, and more.
479 TWiT 479: I Love Saggy Pants Oct. 13, 2014
Apple speculation, Beats vs Bose, lifestyle and tech, #GamerGate, and more.
478 TWiT 478: I'm an Insider Oct. 6, 2014
Windows 10, cost of happiness, privacy vs security, and more.
477 TWiT 477: Ello Moto Sept. 29, 2014
Shellshock, Ello, bitter Twitter, Bendghazi, and more.
476 TWiT 476: Brain in a Jar Sept. 22, 2014
Apple gold, warrant canaries, Fire for kids, Larry Ellison's island, and more.
475 TWiT 475: Apple is Touching Me Sept. 15, 2014
Apple Watch, Microsoft and Mojang, end of MacWorld magazine, and more.
Cloud security, Apple's agenda, end of Twitpic, and more.
Virtual nausea, Uber vs. Lyft, smart phone kill switch, and more.
472 TWiT 472: Like a Fine Cheese Aug. 25, 2014
Cultivating Facebook, the new memory, music on YouTube, and more.