This Week in Tech (Audio)

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437 TWiT 437: No Manual Retweets Dec. 23, 2013
Top stories of the year, the NSA and bad journalism, 2013 Zeitgeist, happy slapping, and more.
Google robots, Bezos’ genius, Ballmer’s tenure, the trivialization of culture, and more.
Rubin’s robots, scary Ingress, iBeacon everywhere, federal floppies, and more.
Bitcoin hits $1000, music on YouTube, Microsoft leadership, Yahoo celebs, and more.
Xbox One launch, choosing between the Internet and plumbing, the best selfie ever, and more.
432 TWiT 432: Bitcoin Assassin Nov. 18, 2013
Console updates, virtual credit cards, savvy assassins, malware on the ISS, and more.
431 TWiT 431: Rhymes With Assword Nov. 11, 2013
TWTR story, NSA smiley, Oprah’s first nontweet, money for math, and more.
Inside the iPad Air, Google party boat, The Verge life, air-gap virus, and more.
Retro tech, CryptoLocker, streaming scarcity, a series of patterns, and more.
Apple speculation, two worlds of Windows, fashionable tech, Google grand, and more.
427 TWiT 427: The Intern Did It Oct. 14, 2013
Privacy policies, shilling for Facebook and Google, writing on a computer, and more.
426 TWiT 426: Solar Umlaut Oct. 7, 2013
Silk Road, identity and anonymity, consensual hallucinations, swarm bots, and more.
Kindle Mayday, tale of two Surfaces, Balmer raw, YouTube comments plus, and more.
Cook tweets, iOS 7 tears and fears, GTA's billion, students' social media spies, and more.
New iPhones, NFC vs. iBeacons, meaning of 64 bit, the next Dell, and more.
Microsoft/Nokia, Galaxy Gear, antisocial YouTube, NSA subversion, and more.
421 TWiT 421: The Self-Driving Cat Sept. 2, 2013
Wearable tech, Yahoo's used usernames, iPhone surprise, self-driving future, and more.
Ballmer quit-fired, robo-taxis, science vs. entertainment, fabulous bum wipes, and more.
Social fragmentation, gold finger print reader, spinning with the techno set, and more.
418 TWiT 418: C is for Chicken Aug. 11, 2013
Spying consequences, Lavabit, chicken vision, Bezos' old media, vat meat, and more.