This Week in Tech (Audio)

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408 TWiT 408: NUC NUC NUC June 3, 2013
New news gathering, Notch, Musk, National Security Letters, UHDTVs, and more.
407 TWiT 407: Paleo Nostalgia May 27, 2013
Xbox One, Glass moral panic, talking to Google,, the beginning of history, and more.
406 TWiT 406: Om in Yoga Pants May 20, 2013
Yahoo and Tumblr, unification of Google services, Larry's aspiration, Jeri's glasses, and more.
The state of ISPs, app ecosystems, Adobe subscriptions, pay YouTube, and more.
404 TWiT 404: Episode Not Found May 6, 2013
Glass in house, consoles vs. mobile, waiting for Haswell, I/O, WWDC, and more.
403 TWiT 403: HP Smelt it April 29, 2013
Glass gag, nanoseconds to Haswell, the "Start" botch, Luciferin plants, First GIFs, and more.
Video surveillance, CISPA fascism, smart watches, lame recommendations, and more.
401 TWiT 401: Skip the Middle Man April 15, 2013
Bitcoin trust, Facebook Home, Petaluma Batman, Gmail postmortem, and more.
Roger Ebert, Facebook Home, gesture interfaces, the next big thing, Mark's Home Page, and more.