This Week in Tech (Audio)

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Your first podcast of the week is the last word in tech news. Join the top tech journalists and pundits in a roundtable discussion of the latest trends in tech. Records live every Sunday at 5:15pm Eastern / 2:15pm Pacific / 21:15 UTC.

Pixel 2 unboxing, Twitter to end hate speech, 2017 is the year of the hack, and more.
New Twitter rules, Stingrays everywhere, engulf and devour strategies, giant robots, and more.
Addictive algorithms, filter bubbles, voice assistant war, Kaspersky spying, and more.
Luxury subs, Echo Look, WikiTribune, late stage capitalism, and more
611 TWiT 611: Bezel Come Back April 24, 2017
Facebook filters, helper bots, lick-to-buy, blood sugar sensors, and more!
610 TWiT 610: Zombie Shopping Malls April 17, 2017
Better overbooking, ad-blocking super weapon, NSA data dump, and more.
Apple's apology, YouTube TV, FAFSA flaw, tone-deaf Pepsi ad, serial commas and more.
608 TWiT 608: Supercanoe April 3, 2017
Internet privacy, Twitter supercanoes, the 69 new emoji, and more
607 TWiT 607: Ozark Puddin' March 27, 2017
Senate ends ISP Privacy Rules, Google ends SMS support, Turkish Crime Family hacks iCloud accounts, and more.
606 TWiT 606: My YouTube Cover Band March 20, 2017
Uber President quits, Pwn2Own winners,robots made of human flesh, and more!
605 TWiT 605: Think of the Koalas March 13, 2017
Wikileak CIA Hacks, Nintendo Switch, Daylight Saving Time kills, and more
Snapchat good, Uber bad.
603 TWiT 603: Tricks for Tips Feb. 27, 2017
Snapchat IPO, bad week for Uber, serious Cloudflare bug, Nokia's 3310 returns, and more.
602 TWiT 602: Normcore Phone Feb. 20, 2017
Right to Repair in Nebraska, border data grabs, Zuckerberg's manifesto, robot tax, and more.
Fixing Twitter, hashtag decline, 5G vs fiber, blue collar coding, and more.
Apple's AR play, FCC changes, microdosing for unfettered creativity, Snap's IPO, and more.
Facebook’s, journalistic orthodoxy, Twitter upheaval, and more.
New car technologies, Bitcoin warning, Twitter anonymity, and more.
Cars of the future, Peach, Broadway tweets, Binge On throttling, and more.
543 TWiT 543: Best of 2015 Jan. 4, 2016
Memorable 'This Week in Tech' moments from 2015.