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Comcast call from hell.
466 TWiT 466: Why so Vertical? July 14, 2014
Wearables, NSA data dump, Glass heads, conflicting review rulings, and more.
What to forget, value added squatters, Blackphone, T-Mobile cramming, and more.
464 TWiT 464: My Wi-Fi Muumuu June 30, 2014
Aereo and cell phone rulings, Android Wear, emotion feeds, and more.
Nano tech now, Fire phone, self replicating machines, net neutrality bill, and more.
462 TWiT 462: Crazy Train June 16, 2014
Houston hotspots, Tesla patent sharing, Internet necessity, and more.
461 TWiT 461: Leave Eugene Alone June 9, 2014
Tech of 'Halt and Catch Fire'
Auto-car, WWDC, Apple/Beats, TrueCrypt conspiracies, and more.
Microsoft Surface Dead?
Lawsuit truce, being forgotten, robotic car dilemma, 5 year antici… , and more.
Paying for bits, Apple and Beats, API copyright, review libel, and more.
456 TWiT 456: SnapChad May 5, 2014
Hi-res audio, identity players, privacy costs, fear of regulation, and more.
455 TWiT 455: Bagel Shop Loafer April 28, 2014
Proposed FCC rules, appification, belfies, kids’ screen time, and more.
454 TWiT 454: Kansas City, Oklahoma April 21, 2014
Wearable market, working Coachella, maglev for all, real fake blood, and more.
453 TWiT 453: Let's Get Social April 14, 2014
Heartbleed, Facebook’s evil plan, kinder gentler Microsoft, Gogo Wi-Fi spies, and more.
Fire TV, ersatz anarchists, Cortana, EU net neutrality, wearable wane, and more.
451 TWiT 451: Gibson's Nuts March 31, 2014
Facebook and Oculus, Office for iPad, the new One, XPmageddon, and more.
Turkey and Twitter, NSA hypocrisy, Netflix neutrality, Android Wear, and more.
Missing Malaysia Airlines flight, US to give up DNS, anonymity apps, and more.
448 TWiT 448: You've Been Goxed March 10, 2014
The real Satoshi Nakamoto?, Android malware, bingling, DRM’d coffee, and more.