This Week in Tech (Video)

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Ballmer quit-fired, robo-taxis, science vs. entertainment, fabulous bum wipes, and more.
Social fragmentation, gold finger print reader, spinning with the techno set, and more.
418 TWiT 418: C is for Chicken Aug. 11, 2013
Spying consequences, Lavabit, chicken vision, Bezos' old media, vat meat, and more.
Chromecast, freemium paradigm, vine stars, XKeyscore, war on leaks, and more.
416 TWiT 416: I'd Tap That Tree July 28, 2013
HDMI sticks, UK porn switch, Google's growth, human chow, and more.
415 TWiT 415: Kevin Throws July 21, 2013
Raccoonercise, UK porn block, Yahoo Survivor, Hyperloop hype, 8-track clunk, and more. wrappers, defining "Do Not Track", tyranny of the default, Dropbox backend, and more.
News breaking socially, security tradeoffs, disaster mentality, smart hats, and more.
412 TWiT 412: Printed Pizza July 1, 2013
Windows 8.1, Facebook shadow profiles, NSA slideshow, 3D printer DRM, fruiting, and more.
Snowden opinions, Instagram video, Jobs' vision of legacy, the last telegram, fixing ET, and more.
Loon balloons, E3, Mac Pro puck, iOS ugly, phone competition, and more.