This Week in Tech (Video)

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677 TWiT 677: To Serve Cat July 30, 2018
Facebook's stock crash, Tesla surfboards, Russia hacks utilities, and more.
Voting machine vulnerabilities, flying cars in underground tunnels, Apple's new MacBooks are hot hot hot!, and more.
Amazon's juggernaut, HBO vs Netflix, Musk madness, and more.
674 TWiT 674: Go Dung Beetles! July 9, 2018
Survival of the Richest, Failing Facial Recognition Tech, /r/thanosdidnothingwrong, and More!
Reinventing Microsoft, Amazon's push into healthcare, new Apple Maps, and more.
672 TWiT 672: Meme the Queen June 25, 2018
Two HUGE Supreme Court decisions, Apple admits its keyboards suck, Europe's war on memes, and more.
Weaponized social media, top trends at E3, end of net neutrality, and more.
Surveillance economy, "Digital Well Being" implications, Siri shortcuts, and more.
669 TWiT 669: 15 Minutes of Fun June 4, 2018
Apple WWDC expectations, teens trash Facebook, self-driving stops and starts, and more.
Government response to cyber attacks, unexpected Alexa recording, GDPR's unintended consequences, and more.
Google Duplex ethics, impact of GDPR, diplomatic Stingrays, and more.
Google I/O and Creepy Duplex, Microsoft Build, Russian Facebook Ads Revealed, and more.
665 TWiT 665: Konnichihuahua May 7, 2018
iMac 20th Anniversary, Facebook apology ad, Steak Jobs, Cyber Command, and more.
664 TWiT 664: Warm Tushie Tech April 30, 2018
Sprint/T-Mobile Merger, Battle for the Smart Home, Golden Gate Killer, and more.
663 TWiT 663: Reasonably Miserable April 23, 2018
iPhone X profits, Android Chat, Facebook's monopoly, and more.
Zuckerberg vs Congress, China vs US, Waymo vs Mountain View pedestrians, and more!
End of Facebook? Russian info wars, amazing Netflix deal, and more.
653 TWiT 653: X Stands for Nothing Feb. 12, 2018
HomePod reviews, insuring smart cars, sensationalistic spiral, and more.
Dot-com superb ads, Apple growth, Bezos's big plan, and more.
651 TWiT 651: Occupy Fiber Jan. 29, 2018
Boring Flamethrower, Net Neutrality & Digital Farming, Buggy Spectre Patch, and More.