This Week in Tech (Video)

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477 TWiT 477: Ello Moto Sept. 29, 2014
Shellshock, Ello, bitter Twitter, Bendghazi, and more.
476 TWiT 476: Brain in a Jar Sept. 22, 2014
Apple gold, warrant canaries, Fire for kids, Larry Ellison's island, and more.
475 TWiT 475: Apple is Touching Me Sept. 15, 2014
Apple Watch, Microsoft and Mojang, end of MacWorld magazine, and more.
Cloud security, Apple's agenda, end of Twitpic, and more.
Virtual nausea, Uber vs. Lyft, smart phone kill switch, and more.
472 TWiT 472: Like a Fine Cheese Aug. 25, 2014
Cultivating Facebook, the new memory, music on YouTube, and more.
471 TWiT 471: It is Brisk Aug. 18, 2014
Apple's style, podcast anniversary, Twitter elitism, burgerbot, and more.
Black Phone, cookie panic, reverse Gruber, fiction empathy, and more.
469 TWiT 469: Call of Duty Aug. 4, 2014
How bad is BadUSB?
466 TWiT 466: Why so Vertical? July 14, 2014
Wearables, NSA data dump, Glass heads, conflicting review rulings, and more.
What to forget, value added squatters, Blackphone, T-Mobile cramming, and more.
464 TWiT 464: My Wi-Fi Muumuu June 30, 2014
Aereo and cell phone rulings, Android Wear, emotion feeds, and more.
Nano tech now, Fire phone, self replicating machines, net neutrality bill, and more.
462 TWiT 462: Crazy Train June 16, 2014
Houston hotspots, Tesla patent sharing, Internet necessity, and more.
461 TWiT 461: Leave Eugene Alone June 9, 2014
Tech of 'Halt and Catch Fire'
Auto-car, WWDC, Apple/Beats, TrueCrypt conspiracies, and more.
Microsoft Surface Dead?
Lawsuit truce, being forgotten, robotic car dilemma, 5 year anticiā€¦ , and more.
Paying for bits, Apple and Beats, API copyright, review libel, and more.
Paying for bits, Apple and Beats, API copyright, review libel, and more.