Triangulation (Audio)

by Leo Laporte · · · CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 · 11 subscribers

Every week TWiT hosts talk to the smartest people in the world about the most important topics in technology. Join Leo Laporte, Jason Howell, Mikah Sargent, Denise Howell, or Ant Pruitt for these enlightening one-on-one interviews. Although the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy episodes from the TWiT Archives.

212 Triangulation 212: Jono Bacon Aug. 10, 2015
Guest: Jono Bacon Jono Bacon is a community manager, writer, musician and Software Engineer, originally from the United Kingdom, but now based in California. Bacon is a speaker on community management, works as the XPrize Community Manager, authored The Art of Community by O'Reilly and is the founder and organizer …
Mark Johnson is the CEO and co-founder at Descartes Labs. He has a track record of translating complex technologies into usable and successful products. Recently he was the CEO of Zite which he sold twice. First time was to CNN and the second time was to Flipboard. Mark was also …
Lance Ulanoff is Chief Correspondent and Editor-at-Large at Mashable.
209 Triangulation 209: iJustine July 20, 2015
Techie, gamer, vlogger, and digital influencer Justine Ezarik.
Director of 'Pandora's Promise.'
Hosts of Pensado’s Place talk all things audio.
Stewart Lew is the Bay Area Chairman of the Visual Effects Society.
Social media pioneer and CEO of LiveWorld.
Former CEO of Revision3.
Neil Young talks about high-res music player Pono.
Luria Petrucci, AKA Cali Lewis talks about her latest project Geeks Life and more.
A documentary which exposes the dearth of American female and minority software engineers.
Bootstrap is a curriculum for young students learn math concepts through computer programming.
X PRIZE founder talks about his latest book "BOLD" and more.
194 Triangulation 194: Meerkat March 30, 2015
Meerkat founder Ben Rubin talks about the live-streaming mobile app.
Bill Harris is CEO of Personal Capital and former CEO of Intuit and PayPal.
Future Crimes by Marc Goodman
191 Triangulation 191: Nir Eyal March 9, 2015
Author of "Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products."
Becky Worley is the tech contributor for ABC.
Gregor Freund is credited with inventing the personal firewall.