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Sync Hue Lights With Your TV/PS4/Xbox
Extending HDMI over ethernet.
The Tech Guy 1658 Jan. 6, 2020
Pre CES & Technology Accessibility
CES Preview, 2020's New Tech Laws
How Artificial Intelligence Is Redefining Who We Are
Bright photos, contrast
TWiT's favorite tech gadgets of 2019
Facebook's focus on growth at all costs, iFixit's Mac Pro teardown, and Megan Morrone's problematic fave.
Snapdragon 865 Benchmarks, Apple Repairability Win!
Artistic voice, Karen Hutton
A family of hams, Show Us Your Project, Tower Safety Month.
Microsoft CMO Chris Capossela, Project xCloud
Google, Apple, & Amazon's CHIP IoT Standard
Oppo under-display camera, ARCore occlusion
PlunderVolt, Big SQRL News, New Orleans Ransomware
Mac Pro Teardown, $4 Billion AirPods, Apple Arcade Deal
Quik, Snapchat, Google Photos, Spark Camera, Adobe Premiere Rush, Journi, and more.
Losing dozens of AirPods, Samuel L. Jackson on your Echo, and vinyl records on your smart speakers.
How do you play MTS/M2TS video files?