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Pixel foldables, Pixel 6 Pro and Tensor leaks, Note 22 Ultra, Android 6 permissions
Android Auto-Revokes Permissions, DDoS on, Patch Tuesday, Was GRC Pwned?
Focus Modes, FaceTime Links, Safari redesign, iCloud+, and more
iPhone 13 unboxing and review, iOS 15 review, Ted Lasso
iPhone 13, iPad Mini, Microsoft Surface preview, Inspiration4
The Tech Guy 1830 Sept. 19, 2021
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Microsoft says you can stop using passwords, the hidden cost of cloud storage with NFINIT
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Midrange innovation, CES 2021 goes digital, Quick Charge 5, ROG Phone 3
Apple TV+ Emmys, Big Tech Antitrust Hearings, CES 2021
Garmin Outage, Twitter Hack Update, GnuTLS
iCloud storage, Google Photos, and Gemini.
Amazon Alexa updates, HomeKit additions, Netflix on Nest
Best Budget 5G Smartphone?
Privacy Concerns Over Cloud-Managed Networks
Xbox Game Pass, TikTok vs Quibi, The End of Intel
The Tech Guy 1714 July 26, 2020
Best Webcams to Pickup
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XBox Series X announcements, speeding up a VPN, sharing videos with family.