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We're living in historic times. Don't waste it on TV. Unplug from the distractions and propaganda, and unfilter your life! Learn the story behind the stories, and bust media propaganda.

The House ends their Russia probe with a finding of no collusion, what is a bit shocking is the timing. Then we discuss possible motivations for Trump firing Rex Tillerson, the odd choice of Mike Pompeo what is going on with North Korea & more!
Scott Israel suddenly finds himself embroiled in controversy over his agency’s response to the recent school shooting. Plus Trump’s surprising response & more!
Robert Mueller indicts 13 Russian nationalists & three Russian entities in the first major results of his Russia investigation. Plus the latest cyber scare that’s hinting at Skynet, a high-note with a theme & a concentrated Overtime!
A new storm of controversy is swarming around Donald Trump & this one has staying power. We also dig into why the Adam Schiff’s Russia memo wasn’t released & the week’s “cyber scare”. Plus we bust the biggest myth about cannabis, a packed Overtime & more!
Secret memos, different perspectives & a full dash of agenda. The infamous memo has been released, we’ll cover what’s really in the memo, the reaction & what comes next. Plus a record breaking cyber attack & an entrepreneuring high-note & more!
The US has reached peak memo hype, the State of the Union surprises & George Soros gets hacked!
Two big twists in the Russia investigation that could expose a vast degree of corruption, from deleted messages of secret societies to surveillance abuse memos & more! Plus the latest Cyber news, CNN’s moment of reflection & an exciting high-note!
The US Federal Government is fast tracking the reauthorization & institutionalizing the NSA spying loophole, Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. We cover the small, but vocal push within Congress’ own ranks to stop this & more!
We dig deep into the new book, Fire and Fury and the public shaming of Steve Bannon. We’ve have the official Unfilter take on a book that promises to end the Trump presidency. Plus updates on the Russia investigation & who we’re blaming for WannaCry.
It’s been a bad year of sourcing for the news industry, with the last couple of weeks delivering the biggest screw ups of the year. We kick it off with an update on Net Neutrality, the Russia investigation & then the rash of failed news this week & more!
Russia Impeachment Mania hits new highs this week, while the higher-ups get grilled. Is Flynn’s admission of guilt grounds for impeachment or another Russia nothing-burger? Plus the early numbers on the cost of the Russian Meddling Investigation & more!
An attempt to reauthorize the NSA’s spying loophole, known as Section 702, is in full swing. Plus we analyze the recent firing & public trials of major public figures. Of course we also discuss other world events, wrap with a happy high-note & more!
We debate both sides of the Net Neutrality argument & then share our personal perspectives. Then after some quick news updates, we catch up on the travesty in Yemen * why it’s not getting talked about much & more!
New leaks show Trump Junior coordinated directly with WikiLeaks, but this just leads to much bigger questions. We also discuss the supposed “catastrophic” NSA breach, the ISIS deal that’ll make you angry & a “high note” that could change everything.
Donna Brazile’s new book “Hacks” rewrites history, names big names & exposes collusion between the DNC & the Clinton campaign ran deeper than we understood. Plus the situation in Saudi Arabia that’s escalating very quickly, the latest “cyber news” & more!
Paul Manafort and two others are swept up by Robert Mueller’s investigation. Plus who initially funded the Trump dossier. But we start off by debunking any possibility Russian ads on Facebook or Twitter impacted the 2016 election.
A new report links the Clinton Campaign the the infamous Trump Dossier at the center of the Russian election scandal. Plus why the US Military's reason for being in Niger doesn’t hold up, the big cyber money grab & a packed Overtime!
Provocative actions on the doorstep of North Korea and decertifying the “Iran Deal” lead us to one major conclusion. Plus a little KRACK news, Russia updates, and Comey gets caught red handed.
Recent scandals and tragedies are conveniently giving Hillary Clinton a new platform for relevance. This episode we break down the insidious way this is being done. Plus the Equifax breach is worse, the truth about people like Harvey Weinstein & more!
After a much hyped press-conference that resulted in nothing new, we’re forced to ask at what point what call this entire “Russia hacked the election” narrative totally bogus. The unbelievable situation in Spain, the latest “Cyber threats” & much more!