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We're living in historic times. Don't waste it on TV. Unplug from the distractions and propaganda, and unfilter your life! Learn the story behind the stories, and bust media propaganda.

From the leaked Justice Department memo establishing the legal framework for killing American citizens without due process, to the new report showing 54 different governments around the world still hosting CIA black sites.
The Department of Defense has signaled it’s dramatically increasing the size of its Cyber Command, but things are never as simple as it sounds.
The highlights from Hillary Clinton’s time in the hot seat. And was Aaron Swartz a source for Wikileaks? A Texas Senator think so, we’ll share the details.
The Administration has introduced their Proposals for Toughening Laws on Guns, we’ll parse the announcement, capture the media reaction, and discuss why this is only the beginning of a fight that will turn the nation. Plus: American and foreign hostages have been taken as a response to France’s invasion of …
The gun debate kicked into overdrive this week when Alex Jones joined the national conversation. We’ll bring you up to date on the state of the debate. Plus why we’re expecting gun control legislation by the end of the month.
The Fiscal Cliff deal has been reached, but is this just the beginning of a series of "cliffs" this year? And the history of the FISA Act.
The media is moving quick to blame video games as the propellent to the violent event in Newtown, Connecticut. We’ll expose their tired approach, and ask the hard questions about gun control and mental health.
What does Right to Work mean? We explain that, and we’ll look at the historic “Right to Work” legislation that passed in Michigan this week, making it the 24th state to do so. Aand the special interest behind this effort that pushed it through.
The Pentagon has announced a $100 million dollar kickstart to an expansion of America’s espionage programs. The details are stunning, and we’ll share them with you.
Starting next week a bitter struggle between world super powers for control of the Internet will begin, we bring you up to speed on it, and update you on the efforts underway domestically to combat cyber boogeyman from the future.
Is the will of the people in Colorado and Washington be strong enough to end over 70 years of prohibition? Now that this historic vote has been cast, we examine what lies ahead on the path of Cannabis legalization.
Some call it the “race that stops a nation” and tonight it stops our show. Join us as we witness this historic night unfold. We’ll follow results from around the nation in real time, take your calls, and share our thoughts.
It’s been called a once in a lifetime super storm, we’ll reflect on the media’s coverage of this major event, and we bust the October Surprise rumors that are spreading like wildfire online.
There’s a good chance you missed the third party presidential debates this week, but that’s ok we’ve got the highlights from our favorite moments. And as turns out, they had quite a few interesting things to say!
We’re being warned again that a Cyber-9/11 could be around the corner, and that action must be taken now. Plus the latest on the would be terrorist plot to bomb the Federal Reserve, and why it looks like Marijuana legalization has a chance.
We go meme spotting this week, and unfilter the subtle ways the Media applies pressure to public opinion.
After a string of high profile Cyberattacks we could be witnessing the creation of the next generation military industrial complex. Or is President Obama desperately seeking to protect us from Cyber weapons we’ve attacked other nations with?
A major new report on the secret US drone war in Pakistan says the attacks have killed far more civilians than acknowledged, traumatized a nation, and undermined international law. Stay tuned for the full details, and our thoughts.
The media is trying to link the Military’s reactionary pull back in Afghanistan to the innocence of muslims YouTube video, but the grim facts paint a much different picture.
You’re being told the embassy attacks in Egypt and Libya are in response to a movie, but in fact it’s the blowback from a over a decade of a policy of mistakes and a growing anti-west movement. You’ll get our analysis in this episode.