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2016 2016 Election | Unfilter 212 Nov. 9, 2016
Relive an absolutely historic moment as it unravels in real time. It’s our live election event with our multi-network analysis & relevant news clips from the week mixed in!
The FBI reopens their investigation into Hillary’s private email server, along with a new leaked emails containing legit bombshells about the Clinton Foundation. Warning to Hilary supporters: You might have a hard time voting for her after this episode.
We review the latest leaked emails & pull out the most important developments, discuss the US’ Cyber retaliation plan, world events, the latest from the election & more! It’s all about the leaks this week!
It’s the best way to watch the debate, with friends. We go MST3K on the third and final 2016 presidential debate with live pre-show, real time analysis & our thoughts after it's all over.
Several email dumps land this week & we pick out some of the most interesting secrets revealed, from ISIS funding to media collusion. Plus worsening situation between the US & Russia, the latest in Syria, debate night two highlights & a packed Overtime!
Assange's big reveal goes flat, but there are still gems worth discussing. The fascinating connections behind the Trump tax story, the unbeatable deal the FBI made & why the DHS is say’s they're the one to protect US elections from cyber attack & more!
After covering the news from around the world that really matters, we break down the first 2016 Presidential debate Plus we dive deep into “the Cyber”, the investigation into Hillary’s IT guy who fled to reddit & an Overtime you won’t want to miss!
if you missed the debate or just could not bring your self to watch it, Mike & Chris react in real time to the first 2016 debate, then share their inanimate thoughts & analysis in a very special live event. Thanks to our Patrons for making this possible!
Attacks in the east & Hillary gets a pass in the west. The media really dives this week & we have of clips that lay it all out for everyone to see. But we begin with “urgent” & “critical cyber threats”, then branch off into word events & more!
Hillary Clinton suffers a medical event that the media is playing off as a stumble & a cough. This week we dig into some possible deeper causes & why it might transcend politics. Plus developments in Syria, why we love Colin Powell’s leaked emails & more!
New NSA leaks reveal the start of the collect it all culture, how Snowden was hidden, Turkey & Russia’s deal pays off, G20 is a bit of a disaster & it’s time to talk about Hillary’s health. Plus a packed Overtime, news from around the world & much more!
Another supposed state sponsored attack against the elections, we review the evidence and bust the hype. Plus the bad situation developing with Iran, John Kerry’s visit to Russia. Plus the latest updates on the US election, ISIS, Syria, Turkey & more!
The New York Times’ claims they’ve been hacked by Russia. We follow up on on the pro-Assad gang forming between Iran, China, India. More details about the recent NSA tools leak, including a mysterious 120MB encrypted file. Plus election analysis & more!
The world has changed a lot in the last 200 weeks & we focus in on the stories that underscore how much things have shifted. From world events, to local corruption episode 200 brings it together! Plus a super informational overtime & much more!
The political influence Clinton Foundation donors had over Hillary’s State Department, plus possible outing and death of a spy & obscene amounts of money the Clinton’s took in. Plus the situation in Crimea developing right now, the 2016 race & more!
What hell is going on with Donald Trump this week, the Pandora’s Box just opened in Libya, the supposed Russian hack of the DNC & did NSA dump to Wikileaks? Plus the chemical attacks in Syria, the security situation in Rio & a supersized Overtime segment!
Leaks of DNC emails lead to total chaos. We cover the leaks, the fallout & debunk the spin from the Clinton campaign. Plus some important world news updates, the FBI restarting the encryption debate & coverage of the 2016 Democratic National Convention.
We watched and studied the Republican Convention. we break down the noteworthy moments, the failing Never Trump movement & a few highlights. Plus NBC news sits down with Assad, Kerry meets with Putin, the tragedy in Nice France & more!
By our estimate Hillary Clinton won the 2016 election since our last episode, we’ll run down the last two amazing weeks for her. Why NATO’s military moves are creating a ticking time bomb & the latest cyber threat powered by encryption.
We’ve all woken up with a Brexit hangover. this week we break down message behind the vote & why the Brexit might ultimately not go through. Plus the official report on Benghazi is here, the airport shooting in Turkey already being linked to ISIS & more!