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It’s amazing to watch the mainstream media eat one of their own alive. This week, we’ll deep dive into the lies that have driven Brian Williams off camera & we’ll discuss the long-term ISIS narrative that has been slowly building to an apex.
After sliding for weeks, the price of oil has is rising again. We’ll look at the real market force that’s setting the price. Plus we discuss the big boost Net Neutrality got this week, and the pending debate, why the ISIS fear is at new levels & more
Yemen instability reveals limits of US counterterrorism strategy & the warhawks are calling for boots on the ground. Plus the conflict in Ukraine heats back up, with leaked videos reportedly showing American’s in the field, a new kind of High-Note & more!
Obama gives his sixth state of the Union, we fact check in real time & listen for key issues like Cyber security. It’s a once a year special edition of the Unfilter show, we throw out the playbook!
A week after the attacks in Paris we look at the connections to terrorists in Yemen, the different groups trying to claim credit & how this tragic event is greatly benefiting politicians pushing for more surveillance & more
A major downside to the legalization of Marijuana is being missed by mainstream commentators & it’s an issue of critical importances. We explain our position. Plus the tragic shooting in France, another look at the falling price of oil & the Sony hack
Apologist for the CIA were out in full force since our last episode. Plus president Obama is silently setting for future administrations, it’s been a bad week for Russia & our local correspondent discusses the tragic events in Sydney Australia
The Executive Summary of the CIA Torture report is out. This week we document the reaction & bring you the most relevant information. Plus why the 2015 NDAA is being totally ignored, protests in London & we respond to some listener feedback.
The price of oil has been dropping but the pressure being put on governments may be unbearable. We deep dive into how lower oil prices are dramatically impacting Russia & Putin’s surprise move. Plus the cyber attacks of the week, Green Friday & much more!
In the wake of the Ferguson shooting decision, protests have erupted throughout the United States. We’ll review the underlying social issues that are fueling it. Plus the big surprise from the Defense Department, why it doesn’t quite add up & more!
After weeks of speculation we have new audio from ISIS’ leader Al Baghdadi calling for attacks in Saudi Arabia. Plus the latest in the Net Neutrality debate. Then we look at the attempts to scare kids in schools & the twists and turns for legal cannabis.
Obama calls on FCC to make 'strongest possible rules' to protect net neutrality,. We’ll look at Net Neutrality from all sides & explain what Title II means. Plus a high level US Diplomat is accused of Spying, an ISIS update & more!
We give an overview of the midterm elections in the US & the blood bath the Democrats just suffered. We also dig further into ISIS oil funding . Plus we go after the media’s coverage of the elections, we discuss Obama’s short term challenges & more!
We share our personal experiences from the school shooting that happened just a close to our homes. Then the FBI gets busted impersonating the Seattle Times & IT repair, a new ISIS funding theory. Plus Putin’s tough talk is being totally ignoring.
Breaking news of gunfire in Ottawa. The role of falling oil prices in the new cold war, where ISIS gets their trucks from, teen girls on the run to join ISIS. Plus some words of sanity about Ebola from Fox new & more!
The Ebola fear machine continues, polls are showing support for boots in Iraq & personal privacy tools, the FBI wants to label them as national security threats & more!
Vice President Joe Biden exposes the west partners roles in the creation of ISIS during a speech. Plus a boots on the ground narrative is building with pressure to deploy troops & we discuss the excessive violations of law enforcement in just recent weeks
The lie of the Khorasan scare has been exposed. Then we discuss the Ebola situation in the US, the major resignation turned into Obama, and the cannabis battle that could go to the Supreme Court.
Gulf War 3 | Unfilter 115 Sept. 25, 2014
The bombing of Syria is underway, lead by the US and backed by our Arab partners. But the situation stinks worse than ever, from funding to new propaganda videos. Today the US and its partners struck modular oil refineries in Syria.
The war machine is in overdrive as the push into Iraq and Syria reaches a fever pitch. We’ll examine the state of the US’ fight against ISIS. Plus we look at the military response to the Ebola outbreak, the situation in Scotland & more.