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We're living in historic times. Don't waste it on TV. Unplug from the distractions and propaganda, and unfilter your life! Learn the story behind the stories, and bust media propaganda.

We analysis the recent developments of ISIS, cover Obama’s speech in real time with our commentary, cover the new brutality of the CIAs waterboarding tactics & more!
As the barbaric violence ratchets up, the rhetoric and general stupidity around the situation in Iraq and ISIS/ISIL has reached a new fever pitch. Plus the latest developments between Ukraine and the rebels, the state media war & much more.
We analyze the situation in Ferguson, and discuss if this event is revealing a systemic problem with America’s police force, and if this event could service as a turning point. Plus the outrageous acts of ISIS this week have captured the world attention
Chris and Chase release a public supporters only show, and update the Iraq ISIS/ISIL story, discuss the ACLU suing Washington, the big push for Botox, why Putin shirts are selling like crazy & we discuss our personal battles with depression in the past.
The Intercept has published Obama’s terrorist tracking system. The CIA & the Senate are fighting over the torture report. Then we examine the groundwork for the new Cold War & the reactions Colorado’s neighbor states are having to Cannabis legalization.
We look at the Israel and Gaza conflict & how this current event fits in a historical context. The new NSA reforms that could truly make a difference & the developments at the MH17 crash site. Plus the New York Times endorses Cannabis legalization & more!
We cover the facts and events around the downed MH17 flight as we now know them. Then we dig into some of the troubling indications and motivations possibly behind the tragedy. Plus how the government decides who goes on the terrorist list & more
New Snowden revelations show the extent of the GCHQ’s disruption of online services and communities, the Obama administration lets the CIA slide again, and the BRICS nations launch a major attack against the US Dollar.
Recreational cannabis business opened their doors this week in Washington, we’ll give you our local report and discuss some of the issues that aren’t getting much attention & of course the ones that are. Plus NSA revelations including a long awaited one.
We catch up on some stories that need our attention, Obama sends arms to “moderate” Syrian rebels, we’re one week out from Washington’s first pot stores opening their doors, an update on the Iraq situation & more!
Un this episode we examine how sending arms to the Syrian rebels empowered ISIS. Plus the US government releases a memo authorizing drone assassinations of American citizens, but it’s what’s been redacted that counts & Greenwald hints new NSA revelations
The US is sending troops and equipment back to Iraq, we’ll explain why were involved, who ISIS is, and the possible impact of the conflict. Plus Mike Rogers makes the case for ISP level filtering, and a look at the economics of cannabis investment.
We discuss some of the big post-Snowden changes worldwide. Then we look at the recent mass-shooting and discuss how the narrative around these shooting has painted a dark picture of the those who disagree with the United States Government.
The blowback from Edward Snowden’s NBC interview is in full force, and the new director of the NSA shares his thoughts on Snowden. Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s rescue has caused a major upset, but is his rescue a clever distraction from the VA scandal?
Edward Snowden has once again captured the attention of the media. False claims, and ridiculous rhetoric are in full force, and we’ll cut through the crap. Plus: What we suspect is going on with TrueCrypt, Greenwald may disclose NSA targets and more!
After we breakdown the new NSA revelations, we’ll discuss the escalating “cyber tensions” between the US and China. And the recent high profile indictment that may have pushed China into the hands of Russia, sealing the largest gas deal of the century.
The release of Glenn Greenwald’s new book has brought a wave of new NSA revelations. Then all sides of the Ukraine conflict turn to dirty tactics and Colorado has a solution to their Cannabis banking problem, and much more!
Elections in Ukraine are nearing and the violence is escalating. We’ll bring you up to date on the latest developments and the recent moves by the Russians. Plus a bill to reign in the NSA gains traction & how the NSA scares the Bejeezus out of tech CEOs
The FCC wants to carve out a fast lane for those who can afford it & pro- Russian militants overtake more Ukraine Government buildings. Plus Colorado re-thinks their edible Cannabis rules, our follow up, and much much more!
Unrest in Ukraine likely backed by Moscow boils up to critical levels this week. We’ll discuss how we’re one drunken gun fight from US and Russian troops in a full confrontation. Plus Snowden confronts Putin about spying, a weed propaganda update, more!