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NRA 2.0 | Unfilter 49 May 9, 2013
New and aggressive lines in the battle for gun control have been drawn, and all sides of the debate claim the next battle will be bigger than ever, but we’re just a little skeptical.
The CIA has been caught delivering bags of money to the Afghanistan President for years. All in an effort to fuel corruption, and we suspect much more. We’ll share the details.
The surviving Boston Bomber has been caught, the story and methods used for his capture, will be our focus tonight. How much known before the attacks? Why experts are saying they couldn’t have worked alone, and who was that naked man?
We cover and analyze the Boston Bombings, take a critical look at the media’s horrendous coverage and breakdown a few of the common conspiracies.
22 homes were evacuated in the state of Arkansas after a portion of an oil pipeline burst leaving tar sand crude oil oozing through the streets. This comes at a critical time for the decision to move ahead with the Keystone XL pipeline.
Rhetoric coming from North Korea reached new levels. Prompting the US to respond with a show of force. We’ll look at the real risk from North Korea, and their possible motivations.
In just the last week the situation in Cyprus has gone from outrageous to disastrous. We’ll break it down, and discuss the impacts the world changing event could have on the global economy.
Its been 10 years since the invasion of Iraq, armed with a new study, and a revealing documentary of Dick Cheney we’ll look back at the scandals and lies that led the the 2003 invasion of Iraq.
U.S. intelligence officials claim Cyber-attacks and cyber-espionage pose a greater potential danger to U.S. national security than Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups. We go after these claims.
A well organized effort is underway by nine former DEA chiefs and big pharma to stop the spread of Cannabis legalization. We’ll break down their argument, and analyze the talking points from the front lines.
Washington stumbles into another manufactured crisis, and regardless of what happens, we’ll tell you why the big fight is coming at the end of March.
A clandestine Chinese military unit has conducted sophisticated cyber espionage operations against dozens of American and Canadian companies, we dig to the bottom of this story and share our insights.
The manhunt for Christopher Dorner has come to an end, we watched the conclusion unfold and have the clips that prove the fire at the cabin was set intentionally by law enforcement, and more.
From the leaked Justice Department memo establishing the legal framework for killing American citizens without due process, to the new report showing 54 different governments around the world still hosting CIA black sites.
The Department of Defense has signaled it’s dramatically increasing the size of its Cyber Command, but things are never as simple as it sounds.
The highlights from Hillary Clinton’s time in the hot seat. And was Aaron Swartz a source for Wikileaks? A Texas Senator think so, we’ll share the details.
The Administration has introduced their Proposals for Toughening Laws on Guns, we’ll parse the announcement, capture the media reaction, and discuss why this is only the beginning of a fight that will turn the nation. Plus: American and foreign hostages have been taken as a response to France’s invasion of …
The gun debate kicked into overdrive this week when Alex Jones joined the national conversation. We’ll bring you up to date on the state of the debate. Plus why we’re expecting gun control legislation by the end of the month.
The Fiscal Cliff deal has been reached, but is this just the beginning of a series of "cliffs" this year? And the history of the FISA Act.
The media is moving quick to blame video games as the propellent to the violent event in Newtown, Connecticut. We’ll expose their tired approach, and ask the hard questions about gun control and mental health.