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Rod Wheeler files a lawsuit against Fox news that results in major new developments in the Seth Rich story. Plus the revolving door at the white house, some convenient bacon & a positive high-note.
It’s Jeff Sessions’ time in the Trump slam machine this week. Also, Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s aide was arrested trying to leave the country. Plus the latest Cyber boogeyman, Russia updates, good news in Syria that John McCain hates & much more!
I Love It | Unfilter 244 July 13, 2017
New emails this time from Donald Trump Jr expose potential intention to collude with the Russian government to get dirt on Hillary. But could it all be a dirty Fusion GPS trap? Plus the “Cyber Threat” that was a cyber flop, Nevada’s weed emergency & more!
The media suffers a meltdown this week after a series of tweets by Donald Trump, cover the aspects of this story that aren’t a distraction & discuss the larger issue at stake. Plus a Cyber update & how Nevada's cannabis legalization day turned out.
Ransomware has everyone freaking out about Cyber & the whole mess makes the perfect case against giving governments back doors to tech. Plus the latest in the Russia investigations & the bad week CNN is having after damaging recordings were released.
The investigation into obstruction of justice could really be going somewhere. We discuss how Trump has been successfully trapped. Plus the very serious situation in Syria developing between the US and Russia, the latest Cyber threats, leaks & more!
We break down Jeff Session’s Russia hearing testimony, the UK’s Internet crackdown dream, Trump’s confusion & some follow up from last week. Plus a packed Overtime, an important High Note & more!
We break down the important moments of James Comey’s testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee. Plus NSA leaker Reality Winner, the recent London attacks, Putin’s interview with Megyn Kelly & much more!
The iron curtain of shame has fallen around any discussion regarding Seth Rich, so we discuss it anyways. Plus the Russian investigation has a new suspect of interest, Trump’s back is against the wall & more!
Trump leaks to the Russians, Comey firing fallout, calls for impeachment & Mueller gets called in. It is a series of blockbuster news items we spring into full action & break down the essential elements of the weeks events.
Trump fires FBI Director James Comey & everyone one screams Watergate and Russia. But we can’t help but notice a little hypocrisy. It’s a week we won’t forget & your Unfilter show has a take like no one else.
Trump’s getting roasted in the media this week for being a n00b, but we argue they’re actually helping him. Plus some world news, the Net Neutrality debate reborn & a packed overtime with a special guest!
We review Trump’s first 100 days in office, fight for the future of the “Cyber Battle” & give you our take on the new book Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton's Doomed Campaign & the origins of the Russia hacked the election story & much, much more!
The media is in full character assassination mode, taking down Trump friendly media within their own ranks. Shadow Brokers releases new NSA files & we have a new theory about MOAB. Plus why we’re not freaking out about North Korea & a packed Overtime!
Trump has lost perspective & is being manipulated by the military, we cover the US’s strike against the Shayrat air base in Syria. Plus the latest Cyber threats & more! This is also the first “on the road” edition from Flagstaff, Arizona!
Everyone’s playing politics & using the public’s ignorance to spin a wonderful tail of misdirection. We explain what’s going on with the House investigation. Plus the cringe worthy look by CBS at Bots, the rampage of Turkey’s Erdogan & a packed overtime!
Have Trump’s claims of “wiretapping” been vindicated or have we just witnessed political suicide? Plus the important moments from the big Russia hearings & the top secret tight spot the Donald is in. And why the Internet really hates Chase today!
The big Trump tax reveal is a bust, but not for the reasons you might think. Trump’s wiretapping claims are looking more and more farfetched & who else could have been behind the DNC leaks.
Wikileaks drops Vault 7 filled with CIA secrets. We analyze it & the establishment's response. Plus are Trump's claims he was wiretapped crazy or rooted in reality? Plus a High Note with a theme, getting you nice and scared about Yemen & more!
Trump’s big speech, the key moments & maneuvers, a sample of the range of reaction. Plus our analysis of some of the emerging hypocrisy from the Trump administration. Plus the secret source that wraps up Seth Rich’s death in a nice tidy package.