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Leak after leak targeted at discrediting the Trump administration is having real ramifications. We discuss why these leaks are dramatically different than those in the past. Then we discuss Russia’s recent actions & Trump’s most dangerous flaw & more!
The Trump Administration will say anything to defend their failed raid in Yemen, everyone’s talking about Putin again & the leadership of the Democratic party is falling apart. We break it all down, plus some Cyber, a high note, packed Overtime & more!
The next Dick Cheney, the real man behind the President, some even call him President Bannon. Is all really that simple? Plus a critical discussion of Trump’s major executive actions this week, news from around the world & big developments in Syria.
They’ll pick a fight over any little issue, this week Trump’s war with the media hit a new fever pitch. Plus we’ll review his first week in office, discuss important world news & end it all on a high-note.
Obama stirs the Russian pot for just in time for Trump to step in, we’ll tell you about the nine month screwjob. Plus all the latest Cyber threats, hacks, domain maneuvering & more!
The latest intelligence leak blasts Trump in the face for being in the bag for Russia. But the sources are weaker and trollier than ever. We’ll explain. Plus Putin’s 3rd dimensional design deconstructed in a packed Overtime.
New reports of cyber attacks, hacked power plants & a war of tweets. Plus the good news in Syria & you won’t believe what Obama is doing to the beehive.
2016 2016 Review | Unfilter 219 Dec. 29, 2016
The guys have taken the week off for the holidays to recuperate from this marathon of a year. While they're away getting some rest, let's take a look back at some of the biggest events of 2016!
Russian hack attributions, Clinton’s loss & the war in Syria. We’ll explain how the unraveling situation for the west in Syria is leading to the doubling down on anti-Russian propaganda. Plus latest in those claimed hacks, world events, US news & more!
Fake News & Russian’s hacking the election is all the talk this week. But it’s all crap & speculation. All of it. We’ll make our case. Plus the latest news from around the world that mattered this week.
Is Pizzagate a honey pot for conspiracy nuts or the largest media cover up in a long time? We play the clips & debate. Plus the latest Dakota Access Pipeline developments, Cyber money grubbers & more!
The latest on the Dakota Access Pipeline & why the situation is a lot worse than you might be hearing. Plus our take on the latest in Syria, the election re-count, Trump’s cabinet picks & a thought provoking high-note. Plus a news packed Overtime!
Alt-fake | Unfilter 214 Nov. 24, 2016
From Obama to the media, they’d have you believe Fake News is costing us the democracy & it’s all crap. The situation between RT & the State Department, fantastic journalism out of Syria, why worrying about the Alt-right is akin to feeding trolls & more!
We dive into exactly what happened last week. We're try to answer the question: "How did a guy that some say didn't even want the job manage to beat a woman who has been preparing for this election for the most of the last of 40 years?"
2016 2016 Election | Unfilter 212 Nov. 9, 2016
Relive an absolutely historic moment as it unravels in real time. It’s our live election event with our multi-network analysis & relevant news clips from the week mixed in!
The FBI reopens their investigation into Hillary’s private email server, along with a new leaked emails containing legit bombshells about the Clinton Foundation. Warning to Hilary supporters: You might have a hard time voting for her after this episode.
We review the latest leaked emails & pull out the most important developments, discuss the US’ Cyber retaliation plan, world events, the latest from the election & more! It’s all about the leaks this week!
It’s the best way to watch the debate, with friends. We go MST3K on the third and final 2016 presidential debate with live pre-show, real time analysis & our thoughts after it's all over.
Several email dumps land this week & we pick out some of the most interesting secrets revealed, from ISIS funding to media collusion. Plus worsening situation between the US & Russia, the latest in Syria, debate night two highlights & a packed Overtime!
Assange's big reveal goes flat, but there are still gems worth discussing. The fascinating connections behind the Trump tax story, the unbeatable deal the FBI made & why the DHS is say’s they're the one to protect US elections from cyber attack & more!