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Fooling the press & bragging about it, a new tool in the cyber war built to replace humans, emails still plague Hillary & we bust the recent anti-weed spin. Plus a packed Overtime & much more!
Everything in the 2016 race changed this week, we cover all the big upsets and the possible reasons. Plus the latest “cyber war” propaganda is thick & we break it down, Glenn Beck goes crazy, Bitcoin’s founder is possibly outed & more!
The “28 Pages” of the 9/11 report the media never talked about… Until they did. Why is it getting so much attention now? We’ll reveal how the Obama administration is using vital information about 9/11 as leverage with the Saudis & much more!
More fallout from the Panama Papers gets picked up, then we discuss the rigged 2016 elections system, Russia buzz's our planes & CNN has some hot propaganda. Plus we reveal our secret plans & pack our Overtime full of news you should know!
Putin is getting all the attention, but that's just the tip of the iceberg of the Panama Papers. We unfilter a massive story about world wide elite corruption. Plus the FBI’s new open door policy on iPhone cracking, Fox News goes full narcissists & more!
Our thoughts on why the FBI will never reveal its method to crack the iPhone, the Drone battle between the CIA & Pentagon & the creepy line Google crossed. Plus a quick 2016 race update, a bunch of “cyber” news & a packed overtime segment!
Terror attacks in Brussels, major developments in Apple vs the DOJ & Western Tuesday's elections. We cover the latest developments in the iPhone unlocking case, “Cyber Threats” & privacy threats. Some a few historical moments & our new Overtime segment.
Russia makes a major move after six months in Syria & we discuss what a difference it’s made. The media is making the joint push for getting access to encrypted data. Plus an update on the 2016 race, Obama’s plan to expand access to the NSA data & more!
Newly released Bin Laden files, ISIS informants & document treasure troves. We cover what must be a great week for the intelligence agencies. Plus an update on Apple vs the DOJ, the latest terrorism bogeyman, a 2016 race update, a high-note & more!
It’s our live coverage of 2016’s Super Tuesday political ride. Special guest host Michael Dominick joins for coast-to-coast coverage of one of the more important nights in the 2016 election. Plus updates on the FBI vs Apple & other great discussions!
It’s our uniquely qualified take on the FBI’s battle to get access to one of the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhones. Our coverage captures the core issues, why it is about setting a precedent, and how Apple could lose big if they don’t change their argument
Apple VS the FBI, Privacy vs Security. The big false debate behind held in the media this week, we cut the crap and discuss the who is really pressing Apple, and what might be at stake in the big picture.
Our special live coverage of the New Hampshire primary, our meta coverage of the event that follows the important moments & catches you up on the extras you need to know about. Plus we wrap with a look at the money that could be coming to Cybersecurity.
New details suggest the situation for Hillary Clinton & her private email server might be about to blow up, the US lays out its top five bad guys of the world, names Russian aggression. Plus some good news for Flint, our take on the Iowa Caucuses & more!
The water crisis in Flint gets some attention this week & a possible cyber attack against the Super Bowl. McConnell’s new ISIS war powers bill, Plus the Oregon standoff may be coming to a deadly conclusion, a Putin murder mystery & much more!
We discuss a few problems with the Oregon Militia standoff, the huge drop in oil prices, the rather boisterous moments of Obama’s final State of the Union & what was going on with those 10 military members held by Iran. Plus the state department & more!
There’s been a shift in the US approach to Assad, Russia continues to call out Turkey & Saudi Arabia turns up the heat with Iran. Plus the NSA gets caught spying on members of Congress, we try to make sense of the supposed latest cyber scare & more!
The US Government's war on encryption is going from cold to hot. Plus the United States massive concessions in Syria your not being told about, big news for Drones & a little bit of good news in Unflter’s last episode of 2015!
In a very special edition of your Unfilter show, we cover the San Bernardino Shooting & big developments in the war against encryption. Then Iraq & Russia call out Turkey for financing ISIS. Plus we end on a high note you green thumbs will love & more!
It’s been a busy week, and there’s a lot of important news that’s been buried under a lot of junk news, like the real reason Turkey shot down a Russian Jet, why the Obama administration had their intelligence reports altered & more!