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Following the attacks in Paris we analyze the new momentum for a global state of war & debunk the scapegoating of encryption. Snowden comes under attack. Plus coverage on the week’s “cyber warfare” and privacy stories & the great turkey shortage & more!
5 5 Blind Eyes | Unfilter 166 Nov. 19, 2015
Brutal attacks in Paris are all the west need to pass laws & launch new campaigns. We explain why this was inevitable. We cover the complete timeline of events in the Paris attacks, with the absolutely latest information & more.
It's revealed that the US government is sending billions of dollars to Iraq’s central bank, which is winding up in the hands of ISIS. Why the rest of the 2016 presidential run will be filled with softball questions, discussion of media biases & more!
Defense Secretary Ash Carter declares the US is shifting strategy in Syria & will be sending in troops. A few worthy notes from Hillary’s Benghazi hearing. Plus an explanation of why CISPA is a surveillance bill & our largest drone update ever!
It’s called the longest war in US history, so why does the US fight in Afghanistan? Plus the latest in the hunt for home grown terrorist, the stoner who hacked the CIA director’s AOL email & the drone policy you need to know about.
The Trans Pacific Partnership, Obama’s big legacy making deal is signed. Early details about how it handles copyright law, the pharma industry & labor have been leaked. Plus deeper look at Russia’s involvement in Syria, a high note & much more!
The power in the middle east is being reset as Russia and its allies strike US backed rebels in Syria. Today we get officials on record confirming the CIA has been training and arming rebels & that Russian is initially striking those “rebels” & more!
Russia strikes US backed targets in Syria forcing the US government to clearly admit regime change, not fighting ISIS is their real goal. Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal is reached, we’ll discuss what comes next & we end with a space age story & more
From the road we debate the merits of more boots on the ground in Syria, who is funding ISIS & why that matters. Also how employers monitor staff’s technology usage & a recap of the weeks news you need to know about. Plus a special guest co-host & more!
High ranking members of the intelligence community have come forward and stated the Obama administration is manipulating ISIS intelligence reports and targets, Russia is caught supplying Assad with weapons, China is flexing its muscles & a lot more!
How the media SHOULD have handled the reporter shooting story, a look at the latest accusations of Cyber attack, how the Iran deal is designed to pass, a follow up to the refugee situation in the EU, and an update on the 2016 run!
The NSA is being sued by a former mayor for blanket surveillance & the case could spark a public debate. New information on how the Clinton's stored their mail server, our takedown of ISIS claimed attempts to recruit American women & more!
After an update on the latest Cyber scare, we discuss the explosion in China, Hillary’s blank server, more bad signs in the Iran deal, the long-term play in Iraq & an update on the 2016 run.
We discuss the issues with the Iran deal & possible alternatives. Another Cyber attack is blamed on Russia & we cover some of the first 2016 debate. Plus an update on all those US-trained rebels in Syria, Hillary turns in her server, a high-note & more!
A leak from the top of the Obama Administration forecasts the US’s intentions to strike back at China after the recent OPM hack. Germany is cracking down on reports that cover intelligence leaks, and we debunk the big cyber scares of the week & more!
We run down the events around the world, focus on a few domestic issues & then use the final days before the first Republican debate to take a snapshot of the 2016 run. Plus just how much money the CIA blew trying to cover up the torture report & more!
The Obama administration signs an “executive agreement” with Iran, but what are the downsides? Plus the head of the FBI pushes to crack encryption, and track ISIS via twitter, the OPM hack is even worse than previously reported, and an updates on the NSA.
FBI wants US companies to build in encryption backdoors. At the same new legislation compels social media companies to report all terrorism related activities. Plus a possible Snowden olive branch, an update on Grease, the NYSE goes down & much more!
Dire warnings of a holiday attack this weekend! Russia turns off the gas, the Supreme court makes their big decision & we’re tracking the latest claimed threats from ISIS. Plus IRS emails recovered, the situation in Greece, Red Book follow up & more!
A huge breach of the Government's employment record has exposed millions of details & the scope of the breach keeps expanding as the story develops. Plus a look at what scares us about the Trans-Pacific Partnership, an update on ISIS in America & more!