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The media is cranking up the fear machine over ISIS radicalization via one tweet at a time, we analyze. Plus the new plan to fight ISIS is just like the old plan, the details on that gov data breach & a high-note that might inspire your next big idea!
NSA Metadata collection provisions of the Patriot Act were suspended this weekend, followed by a nasty political battle. We examine where things stand now, the new powers granted to the NSA, who came down on which side & more!
The media is sure the “strategy” against ISIS has failed, but the real game is a long play & the intention is to sell the American public on arming more militants. The Senate fails to reform NSA spying & the Patriot Act is set to expire this Sunday & more
The Pentagon has released 100s of files from the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound & we dig through some of the interesting items. As we record Rand Paul has launched another filibuster. Plus a follow up to recent developments in Libya, Iraq & more.
Seymour M. Hersh is out with his version of how Osama bin Laden was killed, which refutes many aspects of the official story. Plus a look at the NSA’s loudest defenders, a new Cyber threat & the real problem ABC has with covering the Clintons.
Home grown terrorists strike in Texas, and “ISIS” is claiming responsibility. We break this story down and poke at the obvious & rather subtle flaws. Plus a Stingray breakthrough, the NSA’s Big Data problem, a look at the unlikeliest for 2016 & more!
With the lead up to LinuxFest Northwest Chris takes a moment to reflect on the kick off of the 2016 horse races. Congress gets involved with Iran, Putin has missiles for sale & a Cyberwar take-down you have to hear to believe.
We review the most important bits from Edward Snowden’s Interview on John Oliver's Last Week Tonight program. Plus an update on the situation in Yemen, russia hacks the White House but the White House won’t confirm & a high note worth millions.
Up against the clock six world powers are attempting to secure a historic deal with Iran. Whats this deal exactly about & what is at stake? Plus Obama’s executive action against cyber attacks & we dig deep into the government corruption file this week.
Is the ISIS Cyber Division responsible for a spree of hack attacks across America? We’ll review the smattering of defacements throughout the week linked to ISIS. An Obama administration official leaks Israel's spying, Iran talks heats up & more!
Where in the world has Vlad been? After more than a week of silence, Russia’s president has broken his silence in a big way that could shape the future of the Arctic forever. Plus a quick ISIS update, how Oil explains it all, some feedback & a lot more!
Forty-seven Senate Republicans may have broken the law this week. Hillary Clinton's email scandal continues develop & we’ll look at the pressure she’s getting. Plus a high note you won’t want to miss, an ISIS Update, cracking iPhones & much more!
Hillary Clinton’s latest email scandal sheds a terrifying light on the data security practices of top US officials, how they act above the law, the latest ISIS propaganda, Snowden wants to come home, recent Net Neutrality developments & much more!
We challenge the premise behind the ISIS beheading videos & look at the possible reasons western governments are using these videos are a pretext for war. Why Egyptian jets are bombing in Libya & the US puts weaponized drones up for sale & a lot more!
It’s amazing to watch the mainstream media eat one of their own alive. This week, we’ll deep dive into the lies that have driven Brian Williams off camera & we’ll discuss the long-term ISIS narrative that has been slowly building to an apex.
After sliding for weeks, the price of oil has is rising again. We’ll look at the real market force that’s setting the price. Plus we discuss the big boost Net Neutrality got this week, and the pending debate, why the ISIS fear is at new levels & more
Yemen instability reveals limits of US counterterrorism strategy & the warhawks are calling for boots on the ground. Plus the conflict in Ukraine heats back up, with leaked videos reportedly showing American’s in the field, a new kind of High-Note & more!
Obama gives his sixth state of the Union, we fact check in real time & listen for key issues like Cyber security. It’s a once a year special edition of the Unfilter show, we throw out the playbook!
A week after the attacks in Paris we look at the connections to terrorists in Yemen, the different groups trying to claim credit & how this tragic event is greatly benefiting politicians pushing for more surveillance & more
A major downside to the legalization of Marijuana is being missed by mainstream commentators & it’s an issue of critical importances. We explain our position. Plus the tragic shooting in France, another look at the falling price of oil & the Sony hack