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I'm hitting the road for the rest of summer to travel the west coast, meet up with the audience, and reflect on the show. While I am out I wanted to leave you with some frequent updaters who often get their first take right. Links: Breaking Points - YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDRIjKy6eZOvKtOELtTdeUA) The Megyn Kelly Show — Devil May Care Media (https://www.devilmaycaremedia.com/megynkellyshow) The Jimmy Dore Show - YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/c/thejimmydoreshow/videos) Louis Rossmann - YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/user/rossmanngroup/videos)


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Older Episodes

367 367: COVID Blame Game July 28, 2021
Fear of the Delta variant is driving a wave of mask rollbacks.
366 366: Your New Owners July 22, 2021
The real motivation behind the campaign against misinformation.
Ivermectin, with all of its potential, has become a third rail charged by dogma. I'll break down what's happened to the discussion around what some are calling a miracle drug.
364 364: Vaccine Honesty June 24, 2021
There is one reason people are "hesitant" to take the vaccine, and it's outrageous we're not addressing it.
I break down the negligence and blunders made in the Colonial Pipeline shutdown.
Dr. Fauci and Sen. Rand Paul got into a heated debate during a Senate health committee hearing this week, clashing over funding of risky "gain-of-function" research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.
361 361: Biden by the Numbers May 6, 2021
We catch up with a busy President Biden.
360 360: Biden Buys American April 29, 2021
News up front, Biden in the back.
359 359: Bad Cops and Booster Shots April 21, 2021
Doctor Fauci seems to think the US is on the periapsis of another COIVD-19 wave, with a growing wave of vaccine hesitancy threatening us all!
358 358: Just A Shortie April 13, 2021
A quick breakdown of some essential clips in this abbreviated edition of the People's History Podcast.
357 357: Herd Mentality April 8, 2021
A few examples of officials selectively following the science and how the media can reform and rebrand or destroy a public figure.
356 356: The Lab-Leak Hypothesis April 1, 2021
The word is out; lab-leak origin theory for COVID-19 is go for public discourse!
355 355: Incompetence or Strategy March 25, 2021
The tell will be what happens next.
354 354: Biden's Growing Crisis March 18, 2021
Compound emergencies are stacking up for Biden.
353 353: The Big Package March 10, 2021
The media is worried you're rushing back to normal before Biden has a chance to save you.
352 352: America is Back March 4, 2021
Dropping bombs and making lists.
351 351: It's Different This Time Feb. 25, 2021
All we have here is a branding problem.
350 350: Biden's Mixed Message Feb. 19, 2021
It seems the Biden Administration can't get their message straight around COVID-19. I'll break down the problem, and the answers we still need.
349 349: Why the Democrats Lost Feb. 15, 2021
It took just five days, and Trump was acquitted. So what happened?