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P.M. Edition for October 29th: The U.S. plans to send 5,000 troops to the southern border, as thousands of migrants make their way toward the U.S. The number marks a major increase from initial plans to send 800 troops. The Wall Street Journal's Nancy Youssef has the details.
There's a slew of economic data on tap for this week. The big report is Friday's October jobs data. The Wall Street Journal's Eric Morath says we should watch for how fast wages grew during the month.
P.M. Edition for October 26: The U.S. economy grew at a 3.5 percent pace during the summer. That's according to the government's initial estimate of third quarter gross domestic product. The Wall Street Journal's Harriet Torry says consumer spending powered the gain.
A.M. Edition for October 26th: Altria, the maker of Marlboro cigarettes, is pulling its e-cigarette pods from the market, amid concerns over underage use of the devices. The Wall Street Journal's Jennifer Maloney has the details.
P.M. Edition for October 25: Former Vice President Biden and actor Robert DeNiro were among prominent Democrats and Trump critics receiving packages containing explosives. More from the Wall Street Journal's Zolan Kanno-Youngs.
A.M. Edition for October 25th: Walmart's breakup with Synchrony points to a larger problem for banks hoping to partner with retailers to offer store credit cards. The Wall Street Journal's AnnaMaria Andriotis explains why big retailers now have more leverage.
P.M. Edition for October 24: In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, President Trump stepped up his criticism of Fed and its chairman Jerome Powell. Mr. Trump said the Fed's interest rate hikes were the biggest threat to the economy. More from WSJ's Mike Bender.
A.M. Edition for October 24th: A new policy under the Trump Administration allows states to offer less-comprehensive health plans - and remain eligible for federal subsidies. The Wall Street Journal's Michelle Hackman has the details.
P.M. Edition for October 23rd: Global stocks fell on Tuesday, amid growing concerns over continued economic growth. Lackluster earnings reports from industrial giants added to investors' worries. The Wall Street Journal's Akane Otani has the details.
A.M. Edition for October 23rd: U.S. bank customers are moving billions of dollars out of accounts that don't earn interest into higher-yield alternatives. The Wall Street Journal's Rachel Ensign has the details.
P.M. Edition for October 22nd: U.S. steel producers have been more successful than other industries in getting rid of tariffs they don't want. The Wall Street Journal's Inti Pacheco has the details - and more on why critics say the industry's getting preferential treatment.
A.M. Edition for October 22nd: This week brings the Federal Reserve's Beige Book, housing and trade data, and consumer sentiment and third-quarter GDP. The Wall Street Journal's Sarah Chaney breaks down what to look for in a busy week of economic data.
P.M. Edition for October 19: has reportedly revisited several cities as a decision looms on where to locate its second headquarters. The Wall Street Journal's Laura Stevens says Amazon appears to be favoring an urban site.
A.M. Edition for October 19th: Facebook is working to crack down on misinformation that appears on its platform, ahead of the midterm elections. But human fact checkers are struggling to keep up. The Wall Street Journal's Deepa Seetharaman has the details.
P.M. Edition for October 18: President Trump tweeted that he would deploy the military and close the southern border if Mexico didn't stop the flow of Latin American migrants. Plus, the President was briefed by Secretary of State Pompeo about journalist Jamal Khoshoggi's disappearance. More from the Wall Street Journal's …
A.M. Edition for October 18th: Michael devastated crops in Georgia, including pecan trees and cotton. The Wall Street Journal's Cameron McWhirter says farmers were expecting a strong season before the storm hit.
P.M. Edition for October 17: Minutes from the last Fed policy meeting signal more interest rate increases ahead, even as President Trump says he's not happy with the rate hikes. More from the Wall Street Journal's Kate Davidson.
A.M. Edition for October 17th: Walmart's acquisition of Indian e-commerce giant Flipkart - its largest ever at $16 billion - is expected to hurt the company's profits this year and next. The Wall Street Journal's Sarah Nassauer has the details.
P.M. Edition for October 16th: Uber's valuation has nearly doubled, according to proposals from Wall Street banks that place its worth at $120 billion. The Wall Street Journal's Maureen Farrell has the details, as the ride-hailing company prepares for a possible IPO.
A.M. Edition for October 16th: Sears' bankruptcy filing on Monday marks a dramatic downfall for one of the 20th century's biggest retailers. It's also a sign of the changing retail landscape. The Wall Street Journal's Suzanne Kapner has more.