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Let's make sense of the world – together. From the economy and health care to politics and the environment – and so much more – On Point host Meghna Chakrabarti speaks with newsmakers and real people about the issues that matter most. On Point is produced by WBUR.

The joy of birds. It's a joy that comes if we take the time to listen. In the latest First Person diary, artist, writer and naturalist Julie Zickefoose shares some words of advice on the wonders of birding.


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A mysterious disease is killing birds across the U.S. It has left experts puzzled.
Protesters chanting ‘liberty!’ have taken to the streets across Cuba. Amid food shortages and a raging pandemic, Cubans are saying, ‘We’ve had enough.’
'I believe that as a whole, as a country, we have appealed to our better angels. And I think that us as a country, we will be better for it.'
As the COVID-19 Delta variant spreads, vaccination rates have slowed. What’s behind the growing vaccination divide?
After a pandemic year marked by burnouts and a lack of separation between our homes and workplaces, is it time to reimagine the working week?
In 1964, Times v. Sullivan set the principle behind U.S. libel law. Now, two Supreme Court justices say in this social media era it’s time to revisit the ruling. Is it?
For a long time, Amazon would not release its carbon footprint data. But, in 2019, Amazon pivoted. Our series 'The Prime Effect' looks inside Amazon's impact on the environment.
There’s a massive shift in employment numbers – and it has to do with people leaving their jobs. More than 4 million Americans quit their jobs in April. So what’s going on?
The Census Bureau projects that in less than 40 years America could become a majority-minority country. That brings anticipation for some, fear from others. Richard Alba says both presumptions are wrong.
We explore the science behind the mutual benefits of kindness.
Scholar Akhil Reed Amar says the one thing every single American shares is the U.S. Constitution. We hear why he wants Americans to better understand the words that made us.
George Packer says there are four different Americas “pitting tribe against tribe." He’s reported on political divides around the world. Does he think America can be united once again?
Britney Spears has had no control over her finances or life choices for over a decade. Last week, she told a judge she’s had enough. We learn how conservatorships are supposed to work, and what goes wrong when they don't.
The Supreme Court rules the NCAA can’t bar education-related payments to college athletes. Is this the beginning of the end of amateurism in college sports?
The government's evictions moratorium has kept millions in their homes during the pandemic. It's been extended till the end of July. But what then?
In this web exclusive, Rep. Cicilline speaks with us about how he views big tech companies like Amazon, and whether or not he thinks Amazon is a monopoly.
If you use Slack at work, Zoom for school, or binge watch Netflix at home, guess what? You’re also using Amazon.
Ken's positive attitude and perseverance helped his store stay open. But it was not without its struggles.
The CDC now says if you’ve had a COVID vaccine, the choice is yours to wear a mask. Science writer Ed Yong says that’s bad public health PR.