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nodejs vs io.js - http://www.theregister.co.uk/2015/01/14/iodotjsversion1_0/ Fastclick: https://github.com/ftlabs/fastclick HHVM - http://hhvm.com/blog/8405/coming- soon-in-hhvm async mysql support HHVM - XHP v2 https://github.com/facebook /xhp-lib


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Very brief update re: my earlier absence and a couple thoughts on the Sunshine PHP conference. - Rasmus' keynote notes - Paul Jones ADR post - Sunshine PHP 2015 -
https://placeit.net - Place your website in stock photos with ease - http://www.orm-designer.com - Create a visual model and generate code for popular ORM tools (Doctrine, Hibernate, Propel). - http://ormcheatsheet.
Upcoming - Upcoming interview with former Twitpiccer about scaling service up to billions of requests - get your questions in ASAP. - Sass 3.3 released - http://blog.sass-lang.com/posts/184094-sass-33-is-released -
I had a chance to chat with Toran Billups about EmberJS, PyTenn and other stuff. Take a listen :) - toranbillups.com - emberjs.com
C# may get the safe navigation operator soon! - http://blogs.msdn.com/b/jerrynixon/archive/2014/02/26/at-last-c-is-getting- sometimes-called-the-safe-navigation-operator.aspx - Bing Code Search for Visual Studio - http://blogs.msdn.
Intel's XDK cross platform mobile development: http://xdk-software.intel.com - Try out ElasticSearch in a 'fiddle-like' environment: https://www.found.no/play/ - NightwatchJS browser test: http://nightwatchjs.org -
Puppet vs Chef vs Ansible vs Salt post and discussion - http://www.infoworld.com/d/data-center/review-puppet-vs-chef-vs-ansible-vs- salt-231308 - http://www.alpacajs.org - Zurb Foundation 5 released discussion - Yii framework 2.0 alpha -
PHP BDD Framework: https://github.com/danielstjules/pho - Comparison chart of front-end CSS frameworks: http://usablica.github.io/front-end- frameworks/compare.html - PHP VCR: http://php-vcr.github.io reddit discussion -
Netbeans 7.4 is out. HTML5 development for Android and iOS devices HTML5 development in Java EE and PHP applications Editing support for Knockout and AngularJS frameworks - fontello - icon fonts generator - effekt.css - timing attacks via html5
The PHP.net website was compromised, but we don't yet know what the exploit was. No actual code or binaries were affected; the site was just serving up javascript malware. - Healtcare.gov is still a mess,
I think I'm missing something about apigility.org - help me figure it out. Facebook's team fixes CSRF exploit in 2 hours. Is Rails' CookieStore broken by default, or working just fine? KnockoutJS 3 was released - upgrade/change notes are here for yo...
So... this is the 8 year anniversary of webdevradio - what's changed in the last 8 years? Lots! What's the same? Lots! I go in to a bit more detail than that... :) - Some recent news as well... - Rails 4 released - PHP 5.5 released - Modern.
OK, in no particular order: - RubyFlux (article I originally found) - TechEmpower round 5 - Where is .NET headed? - Web Components: Polymer Project and X-Tags - LaraCasts -
Heading off to Russia for a bit - if there's anything you think I should see when I'm there, let me know :) - Saw a good presentation on TypeScript recently, which has piqued my interest - hopefully it piques yours as well.
Ruby 2 was just released, and the new 'refinements' feature presents some interesting challenges for JRuby and just about anyone wanting to read Ruby code. Brief chat about the regex security affecting Rails back in January, but more broadly speaking,
I got a chance to chat with Paul about some of his experiences as a testing consultant, recommended tools, war stories and more. Have a listen :) - Paul is with Beaufort Fairmont, a testing consulting firm in North Carolina.
I got a chance to speak with Stella Feyman and Tim Jahn about their new service Matchist, which serves as a matchmaking service focused on the needs of freelancers. Forgive the slight hiss on my audio - I could not determine the source. -
Hello all from sunny Florida :) Recently discovered jquery validation plugin only 6 years too late, and have found some tools that work in conjunction with it, including Pajama, a PHP library. Also have some links to font combination articles and to...
I've found a couple of neat infrastructure services recently and hope you find them interesting and useful. Also... what's the deal with solo developers not using version control? freelancepath :: new community for web freelancers