The Week in Westminster

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Radio 4's weekly assessment of developments at Westminster

The Lib Dems' President, Tim Farron, says it would be spineless to ditch Nick Clegg as leader after their drubbing at the polls.
John Kampfner examines what the coalition's new proposals for planning decisions mean for 'localism'
Mary Ann Sieghart asks if the coalition's foreign and defence policies are contradictory.
Sheena McDonald takes stock of more than a decade of Scottish and Welsh devolution and discusses its impact on the UK as a whole.
A pause in the health reforms; a eurosceptic on the eurozone; the darker side of football; and a change to the voting system
How much clout do the Lib Dems have in the Coalition, does Michael Gove deserve all the flak he gets, and Betty Boothroyd on fixed-term parliaments. Presented by Steve Richards of the Independent.
The revolution in Libya - a speedy end or stalemate?
The developing situation in Libya, NHS reforms and the AV referendum.
William Hague's testing week. What to do about Libya?
David Cameron's approach to foreign policy; new controversy in the Lords over fixed-term parliaments and Baroness Williams reflects on the thirty-year anniversary of the formation of the SDP. Presented by Elinor Goodman.
Four new peers talk about their first impressions of life in the House of Lords: Baronesses Bakewell and Heyhoe-Flint and Lords Hall and Loomba. How do they see their role and influence at a critical moment in the history of the Upper House?
Finally, the AV referendum will be held on May 5th - how will people vote? Plus the state of the coalition and possible new centre-left alliances - with Peter Riddell.
Steve Richards of The Independent examines internal tensions within the Lib Dems and the battle between George Osborne and Ed Balls as the cuts begin to bite.
Egypt on edge, England's forests for sale, Lords rebels relent and Coulson quits number 10.
Shock news on the economy; questions for the political elite; and the cost of 'free schools'.
Resignations and their aftermath, all night sessions in the Lords, NHS reform and is it ok to tweet in the Commons chamber?
Sharp disagreement as the political parties digest the outcome of the Oldham East and Saddleworth by-election
Mary Ann Sieghart explores David Cameron's big idea. The 'Big Society' aims to blur the boundaries between public and private enterprises by encouraging local authorities to become more entrepreneurial and voluntary organisations to take over the work of local government. Frances Maude the minister in charge of the Big Society, …
Andrew Rawnsley examines the history of peacetime coalition governments in Britain to see what lessons they provide to David Cameron and Nick Clegg. And he discusses coalitions past and present with historians Juliet Nicholson and Martin Pugh and senior politicians David Davis, Simon Hughes and Tristram hunt.
Will there be tensions in the coalition next year?