The Week in Westminster

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Radio 4's weekly assessment of developments at Westminster

Steve Richards of The Independent reviews a defining week in the life of the coalition government
Peter oborne of The Daily Telegraph looks at the progress of the coalition government tuition fees spending cuts and new movers at the UN
Andrew Rawnsley investigates just how new the UK's "new politics" is. He finds out what voters makers of it and discusses with three leading parliamentarians how politics will be affected by the Comprehensive Spending Review, Labour's new leadership and the measures on constitutional reform.
In this edition of Beyond Westminster, John Kampfner looks at the tensions that the Conservative party faces in the New Age of coalition.
In this edition of Beyond Westminster, John Kampfner asks whether good political leaders are born or made
Jackie Ashley takes a look behind the scenes at Westminster.
On Week in Westminster this week, Eleanor Goodman looks at changing the voting system and the row over the tapping of MP's 'phones.
In a special edition of Beyond Westminster, Andrew Rawnsley probes the secretive workings of Star Chamber, the Cabinet committee that will determine who wins and who loses in the Government's public spending cuts.
Michael Dobbs, former advisor to Margaret Thatcher and John Major, looks at political patronage. Is it a hangover from the distant past or is it still alive and kicking?
John Kampfner goes in search of the perfect coalition.
Elinor Goodman asks can the trade unions and other lobbying groups mobilise opposition to the government's planned spending cuts?
Pepping Up The Party: On this week’s Beyond Westminster, Anne McElvoy looks for ways of pepping up membership of political parties.
As Parliament breaks for the summer, Peter Riddell assesses the progress of the coalition government.
Steve Richards from the Independent looks behind the big stories of the week at Westminster, including one Lib Dem who says her party's getting a raw deal.
Andrew Pierce of the Daily Mail, on cuts and the Mandelson memoirs.
Peter Riddell looks at the arguements for and against the Alternative Vote
Jackie Ashley on tough tests: welfare reform, Afghanistan and coalition government.
The Emergency Budget presented in Parliament this week is the key test for the newly elected coalition government. The main tactic of the Labour opposition is to portray the Liberal Democrats as fig leaves for ideologically driven Conservative spending cuts. Labour MP Chris Leslie and newly elected Liberal Democrat MP …
More power for backbenchers, the "special relationship" after the BP row and how to pick a new law.
The economy and the "Canadian Model", Labour leadership and what Alistair Darling is doing next