The Week in Westminster

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Radio 4's weekly assessment of developments at Westminster

Peter Oborne on party conferences the extraordinary popularity of Boris Johnson and the Jimmy Savile allegations in The Week In Westminster
Steve Richards of The Independent interviews Cameron supporters on the PM’s trials; asks if a Lib/Lab deal could work and talks to Cheryl Gillan about life outside government.
Sue Cameron of the Daily Telegraph finds out what it's like to be reshuffled, if the Government's new economic plan is more than just a licence to build conservatories and whether Birmingham is the answer to the great airport dilemma
Will there be a cabinet re-shuffle in the autumn? Who will stay or go? And what of the standing of all the political parties? George Parker leads the discussion.
Steve Richards of the Independent discusses the state of the major parties with three senior politicians.
Can Euro survive, case for bringing back O levels & what police commissioners will do when elected.
Steve Richards of the Independent on a star cast at the Leveson Inquiry; a referendum on the EU; the mood of the Lib Dems; and how far sporting triumphs can lift a government .
How important is humour in politics? Mary Ann Sieghart looks at how and why politicians try to get a laugh, and asks if good jokes can contribute to political success.
Eurozone crisis, a tragicomedy or worse, an MP explains his "Loveboard" and a former MP who was once asked by Tony Blair "What exactly is socialism"?
The Eurozone in crisis; internal strife in the Tory Party; the rise of Ed Miliband in the polls; and the future of the Lords.
Mid term blues, politicians & press barons and Rory Bremner on the comic potential in the era of coalition.
Is power draining away from Westminster & how widespread is public hostility to the political class?
With George Parker of the Financial Times: Taking stock of the economy, the nuts and bolts of Scottish independence, and why does the government not have a “big hitter” to get its message across as in the days of Thatcher and Blair.
Unease on the Tory backbenches. Has the Abu Qatada affair really tripped up Theresa May? And are the smaller parties ready to rise? Presented by Peter Oborne of The Daily Telegraph.
In the wake of the Bradford West by-election, Mary Ann Sieghart asks how the main UK political parties should improve their appeal to voters from Britain's Asian communities.
Direct democracy is meant to transform our politics, giving voters more power. But will it work, and why are many politicians resisting? David Grossman investigates.
Steve Richards of The Independent looks behind the scenes at Westminster. A shock result for Labour at the Bradford by-election, the Tories embarrassed by revelations over party funding, the Lib Dems concerned about their identity and why are there not more working class MPs in parliament?
Fraser Nelson of The Spectator on the furore over the granny tax and who really benefits from the budget.
Taxing the rich, David Cameron in the USA and changing attitudes to the war in Afghanistan. Presented by Jackie Ashley.
Talking about the Queen; taking the pulse of Tory backbenchers; and the Lib Dem who kept mum. With George Parker of the Financial Times.