The Week in Westminster

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Radio 4's weekly assessment of developments at Westminster

Welfare to work programmes, steering unpopular policies through the houses of parliament and what words must MPs not use. With Andrew Pierce.
Fighting talk on the NHS, on reform of the Lords and on relations with Iran. And are the arts going conservative?
David Cameron has said that 'devo max' should not be an option in the referendum on the renegotiation of Scotland's relationship with the rest of the UK. But what is it?
A Minister in trouble; no let-up in the war against bankers; and austerity in paradise. With George Parker of the Financial Times.
A week in which public trust in bankers and politicians is put to the test.
Anita Anand asks how men and women differ in their approach to politics and asks how parties could woo the men's vote.
Anne McElvoy looks at political diaries and memoirs from recent years and asks how they have shaped our views of government and politics.
George Parker of the Financial Times and fellow Week in Westminster presenters look back over the past political year.
Jackie Ashley of the Guardian on Europe, Nick Clegg, the opinion polls and the strange art of the political joke.
George Parker looks at the week's events as they played out in Brussels.
Who's ahead in the contest between the Chancellor George Osborne and his Labour shadow Ed Balls? Presented by Steve Richards of The Independent.
Wrangling over the autumn statement, inquiries into the press and what lay behind this year's riots
New powers for the Bank of England; getting e-petitions right; caricatures in Europe; and an MP's personal story. Presented this week by George Parker of the Financial Times.
Feeling the heat, Theresa May, UK Border Agency & a top civil servant. Plus what now for pro-Europeans and the Eurozone and the legacy of Philip Gould
The backbench mood on Europe, why scrapping 'unfair dismissal' is unfair and the nine lives of Tribune. With Fraser Nelson of the Spectator.
How have attitudes to Europe changed since WW2? Will Scottish voters back SNP's plans for independence? When? & Sex & the Summit. What goes on in the margins.
The Tories and Europe; Liam Fox's resignation speech; the future of lobbying; and is the campaign against planning reform 'misleading hype'?
Fox resignation, NHS reform and changes at the top in the civil service.
As MPs return to Westminster a new political year, Andrew Rawnsley asks why the main parties there have problems with their strategies - and how they are going to tackle them.
Anita Anand asks what impact the government's plans for free schools and new academies are having on the ground. Is our education system becoming more divided?