The Week in Westminster

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Radio 4's weekly assessment of developments at Westminster

Police commissioners: Anita Anand examines the government's proposal to have single elected figures to hold the police to account in England and Wales.
Can campaigners exert too much power with modern techniques? David Grossman looks at how they try to influence government and corporations.
A look back on a turbulent political year with George Parker of The Financial Times.
In his last programme as presenter, Peter Riddell asks how well Parliament is dealing with the phone-hacking scandal
Elinor Goodman looks at the political fallout from the News International scandal.
Jackie Ashley of the Guardian on the public sector workers' strike and Labour's response to it, the Big Society and Tory backbench MP's loyalty.
Benedict Brogan, deputy editor of The Daily Telegraph, on signs that traditions and conventions in the political world are changing.
Steve Richards looks at Ed Miliband's performance as leader of the opposition, the battle over the direction of the economy and - how political is Bob Dylan?
Peter Riddle discusses all the major headlines the Government has faced this week: Health, the economy and care for the elderly. Plus a look into the workload of a new mp.
The May 2011 elections in Scotland produced an historic landslide for the Scottish National Party. Michael Buchanan travels back to his native Barra in the Outer Hebrides to find out why the SNP did so well and traces their campaigning strategy from the doorsteps of Barra to Holyrood.
Peter Oborne on the rule of law and bail-outs for the Eurozone.
Lord Heseltine tells David Cameron to stand firm on plans for the NHS, plus Lords reform and live blogging.
NHS reform, Scottish independence, the fixed-term parliaments bill - and David Cameron as Flashman: hero or villain?
The Lib Dems' President, Tim Farron, says it would be spineless to ditch Nick Clegg as leader after their drubbing at the polls.
John Kampfner examines what the coalition's new proposals for planning decisions mean for 'localism'
Mary Ann Sieghart asks if the coalition's foreign and defence policies are contradictory.
Sheena McDonald takes stock of more than a decade of Scottish and Welsh devolution and discusses its impact on the UK as a whole.
A pause in the health reforms; a eurosceptic on the eurozone; the darker side of football; and a change to the voting system
How much clout do the Lib Dems have in the Coalition, does Michael Gove deserve all the flak he gets, and Betty Boothroyd on fixed-term parliaments. Presented by Steve Richards of the Independent.
The revolution in Libya - a speedy end or stalemate?