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How would you fight a Yeti in hand to hand combat? Would you attempt to sell your soul to the devil in the interest of science? How can you prepare for a zombie apocalypse? Find out all of this and more every week on the Weird Things podcast, where your hosts, Andrew Mayne, Justin Robert Young and Brian Brushwood probe the most challenging questions about the paranormal, supernatural and fringe.

A secret revealed! Why was Andrew Mayne missing for six months this summer? He was shooting his own series on A&E entitled Don't Trust Andrew Mayne premiering this January. We get the details on what to expect and do a little touchdown dance. A
A man is attacked in the woods by a bear, he reaches out and grabs quite possibly the last thing he'll ever touch and it saves his life. Andrew tells us the harrowing story. Are some inventions keeping mankind from the brilliance of a shinier future
The boys review a puzzling order made by Adolf Hitler. If you could get ten years of the your life back but lose 20 years of technology, would you? Brian introduces this puzzling what if and the answers might surprise you. Also, do alien dolphins write th
Justin is put on the defensive as Brian wonders what he has hiding in his house that could endanger the whole neighborhood. Andrew reveals SpaceX's next step toward a space-colonizing future. Bonnie and Brian find themselves isolated from humanity w
Brian, Justin and Bonnie discuss the brand new Kickstarter by Planetary Resources which seeks to put a publicly available telescope in space. And take selfies amongst the stars. Will Brian make the decision to allow commercial drones in our skies if it wi
After a hiatus, Brian and Justin return with Bonnie The Invisible Wife for a new episode of Weird Things. Brian is dead and Bonnie is charged with building a monument for her late husband, will she build something so garish it is rejected by the city? SPO
Brian and Justin are brought to the gates of a mysterious cavern. Is it the literal gate to hell? How far would Andrew go for science? We discover the horrifying outer limits. What would you do with your own vigilante botnet? It's all part of a new
Two southerners are getting checks each year from the government for $865 a year. The explanation might break your brain. Andrew explains his current obsession with the real life Monkey Island. Also, his hunt to prove that it not only existed, but the hun
Podcast: Blow and Hoe March 22, 2013
Bonnie "The Invisible Wife" joins Brian and Justin to discuss the Week of Weird. A school in Maryland begin instituting a series of outlandish new regulations. Can Bonnie and Brian force themselves and their children to adapt? With all the Pop
SpaceX launches does a new rocket test that reminds Justin of a CGI future where humans roam the stars. A new digital scam is fleecing business men our of scads of cash, Justin and Andrew discuss the future of such villainy. Are we climbing out of the unc
Podcast: Brown Menace March 7, 2013
Original three reunited again for this very special episode of the podcast! Andrew introduces a birthday question in honor of Justin's 30th Name Day. A space pioneer wants to make a fly by around Mars but the price may be too high for some prospecti
Podcast: Smoking Crater Feb. 21, 2013
Justin and Andrew are again two against the world. We discuss the Russian meteor and why it explains how terrible Russia's music taste is. SpaceX is hinting at a new test launch that could leave a smoking crater in the ground. A law is passed leadin
Podcast: Double O Heaven Feb. 13, 2013
Justin and Andrew are riding as a power duo in this episode of the Weird Things podcast. Who is going to be the next Pope? We thumb through many surprising possibilities including a few super spies who would take the head Vatican role on His Majesty In He
Podcast: Thunderwell Feb. 9, 2013
OG Lineup Reunited! A mystery that could rewrite cultural, space and political history is revealed. What is the future of television? How about a technology that draws on your flipping eye balls! This triggers Brian to imagine a beautiful world where ever
Andrew is back. Brian is gone. And the one and only Veronica Belmont joins us. Goblins overrrun a Zimbabwe clinic, we take Veronica on quite a tour of our continuing goblin epidemic. We contemplate if a woman would have a neanderthal baby. An update on th
Tom Merritt is our substitute Mayne this week. A Brazilian prison is part of an elaborate escape plan with an unlikely partner in crime. A police department in Florida is ensconsed in a cloud of technological suffication to the detrimite of car owners. Ca
ANDREW returns! We finally get our update on The Snuggery! Will our intrepid reporter unleash a b-dog on this poor woman? Mayne tells us of a hilarious run-in with a legendary magician. The boys peruse a vintage catalogue of hazing devices. We review our
We are joined by Jason Murphy of Loading Bar and Spill.com. The boys revisit the mysterious explosion in an Indiana suburb and finally get a deadly update. SpaceX has a plan to send 80,000 people to Mars but Brian has to make a horrifying choice that coul
Tom Merritt joins us as we discuss a massive natural event that happens to alert us to the opening of a new movie. Tom has to make a terrible decision that could leave him buried in Apple rumors or Sasquatch reports. Also, is belief a chief tenant of scie
What would you do if you could live forever. Also, do we now know if the initials to SpaceX's MCT project? What exploded a peaceful neighborhood in Indiana? We return to the Snuggery after a WTP listener offers to go investigate. Also, when will it