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How would you fight a Yeti in hand to hand combat? Would you attempt to sell your soul to the devil in the interest of science? How can you prepare for a zombie apocalypse? Find out all of this and more every week on the Weird Things podcast, where your hosts, Andrew Mayne, Justin Robert Young and Brian Brushwood probe the most challenging questions about the paranormal, supernatural and fringe.

GUEST: Scott Sigler Brian and Scott are approached by a wizened trucker who offers them a deadly new opportunity on reality television. A frantic scientist in the ancient civilization of Atlantis opens up a hole in space and time to warn anyone who will l
Andrew is fresh off a plane from Italy and still loopy, what better time to discuss the future of mining asteroids?! The boys chat about the team of modern superheroes uniting to bring trillions of dollars to the global economy while redefining the concep
Three lovely young ladies are patrolling Arizona with murder on their minds. Who are they trying to kill and how do they plan on doing it? Andrew blows Brian's mind with the concept of a blimp to space. But does the new hotness spell doom for Brushw
Something strange is going on in the schools and nurses of a small village, can Justin and Brian deduce the romping menace? Bonnie joins the show to discuss the horrendous actions of the wild child Brushwood daughter who may or may not have committed an o
James Cameron heads down to the bottom of the ocean and the boys squee with delight. Justin hits rock bottom while living with Brian only to purchase and lose a winning MegaMillions lotto ticket. Andrew describes a mysterious abandoned LA mansion built wi
GUESTS: Bonnie Brushwood, Kimmy Kim, Frutron (Hollywood is Hard) Recorded on Valentine's Day… Love is in the air as we are joined by not one, not two but three actual women. Bonnie The Invisible Wife is joined by Kimmy Kim and Frutron from the
GUESTS: Ethan & Trey Ratcliff We are joined by the Stuck in Customs photo superstar Trey Ratcliff as well as his son Ethan. Andrew reveals that the United States might be engaging in a dastardly plot to shoot down satellites. Justin spots a mysteriou
Andrew catalogues some of the forgotten heroes of Christmas including trolls, elves, Oden and a midnight menace so scary the Pope had to take action against them. Bonnie The Invisible Wife tuns the tables on Mayne, inventing a bone chilling (yet strangely
Andrew sheds light on a brilliant, real life team-up between some of the most brilliant minds of our age. Brian comes ever closer to his life goal of hanging out in space, without have to clip coupons alongside his castle- dwelling neighbor. The corporate
Podcast: Ferret Plague Nov. 30, 2011
GUEST: Bonnie "The Invisible Wife" Brushwood Brian and wife Bonnie open up a respectable genetics laboratory only to find out that their mischievous for- hire scientists have concocted a horrific brew that could save the world. Or end it. One o
Brian takes to the streets to administer his own glittery, banana-hammock brand of vigilante justice. Justin demands the world continue to breed at a breakneck pace. Andrew devises a brilliant plan to fake his own death. Plus, the boys discuss the passing
Andrew geeks out about the new Space X launches and proposes the first ever Weird Things meet-up. Brian descends into the jungle to find a furry, bipedal creature. Justin plays referee as the rest of the crew argue with each other on which side of the gre
Andrew has a mystery present for the boys which leads to Brian whispering to fish and Justin leering at strangers from a tree branch, waiting to strike. The gang finishes talking about faster than light neutrinos. The gang begins talking about faster than
A feral child in the woods of Germany lead the Gang into a rousing conversation that eventually ends with Hitler running a magical chocolate factory. Brian is tasked with stocking a new theme park with the most deadly animals on the planet, his choice for
Brian wonders if a bizarre method to get high is real or fake when the boys get word of a new FBI directive. Andrew reveals just how cheaply we can get to Mars and how the budgets of several legitimately terrible movies could help us get there. Justin, vi
The boys are joined by old friend Brett "The Amtrekker" Rounsaville as Justin schemes up the perfect murder plot which comes dangerously close to his interaction with one of his fellow panelists. Andrew dreams of a beautiful future where we al
Podcast: The Conspiracy June 22, 2011
Justin foolishly rushes into surgery that could make his creepy stare deadly. Brian gets sold a house on the cheap for his family to move into but when winter comes, a vile secret becomes a disgusting reality. Andrew plots the confusing world of global co
Brian demanding child wants a petting zoo to remember for a birthday party, with dangerous results. Andrew and Justin act the parts of Nazi researchers promising a dynamic new army which would only require training… and chew toys. Meanwhile, Brian d
The boys each have to spend $500,000 in the most bizarre way possible leading to robotic carnage, bullets, Bigfoot, mint juleps and a very special visit from a King of Kings. Brian recoils when explained the concept of Necropants. Andrew tells tale of man
Andrew would like to clone a Unicorn and comes up with a new way to fund a Space Elevator. Brian and Justin discuss their new lives as undead Special Forces agents. Meanwhile, a mysterious signal from an advanced alien civilization puts President Young in