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How would you fight a Yeti in hand to hand combat? Would you attempt to sell your soul to the devil in the interest of science? How can you prepare for a zombie apocalypse? Find out all of this and more every week on the Weird Things podcast, where your hosts, Andrew Mayne, Justin Robert Young and Brian Brushwood probe the most challenging questions about the paranormal, supernatural and fringe.

A US Space Force has just been announced. What does that look like and who are the other actors in play? Chicago may see a Musk-funded loop from O'Hare to downtown. Got something weird? Email neshcom@gmail.com, subject line "Weird Things.&#822
Shocking discovery of a time-traveler! Andrew's "run-in" with a major news story. AI's fighting with each other…for good! Virtual selves? A new journey begins: Mission Quest! A life-changing encounter in Del Taco. Got somethi
WT: Wolf Runner May 29, 2018
It's a mysterious creature sighting-Sinclaire and Sherbert are on the case! Hybridization and species similarities. AI: it's not perfect! Here's the article Andrew referenced. How Facebook and YouTube will need to wield machine lea
WT: Tunnel Snails Rule May 22, 2018
A new real-world test of the EM drive and some answers. An update on the Boring Company and its plan to add more mass-transit to LA. Concerns and questions, but it's still early. Got something weird? Email neshcom@gmail.com, subject line "Weir
Andrew talks a little about his murky secret project. Hanna-Barbera-AI. SpaceX makes us yawn. Drag-and-drop machine learning? A real Google secretary-what are the implications of more adanced robo-calls? Got something weird? Email neshcom@gmail.com,
Android Mayne is back from Hell/Atlantis/the North Pole. VR is now cheap and wireless. Is the race over? Andrew's impressions of the Oculus GO. Is there a brewing public backlash against the hyper-rich? #JourneyQuest: The boys have a sneaky plan to
Get your insurance and swap info. Machine learning is able to synthesize content, but how can it be reigned in? Blue Origin and Virgin Hyperloop One make moves. Plus, breaking down an…interesting idea for restaurant innovation. Yeah, let's cal
WT: Nuke The Monuments April 24, 2018
It's chuckles galore as we discover a new input device. Plus, a new partnership in virtual sightseeing, a frightening farm, plus SNAKES! No After Things this week-it will return next week! Got something weird? Email neshcom@gmail.com, subject
WT: Grandpa’s Dice Now April 17, 2018
A new way to destroy your corpse. Milk: How It Gets Made. Imagine a universal language. Got something weird? Email neshcom@gmail.com, subject line "Weird Things." Picks: Justin: Atlanta Brian: Lost in Space Bryce: Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmo
WT: His Very Large Tool April 11, 2018
Andrew's back and ready to bring the weird. Elon showed off his big new tool. Vindication in the SpaceX Zuma story-who was really at fault? Learning styles: fact or fiction? Can you listen and read and pat your stomach at the same time? #Journ
WT: Freddy AI April 3, 2018
Artificial intelligence is getting mad. How could AI affect sports and the arts? Plus, the ocean's space graveyard. Got something weird? Email neshcom@gmail.com, subject line "Weird Things." Picks: Justin: The Death of Stalin Brian: The
WT: Get The Cane! March 27, 2018
Skiing on Mars, a new man-made rocket, and time crystals. Got something weird? Email neshcom@gmail.com, subject line "Weird Things." Picks: Justin: The Real Making of the President Brian: Enlightenment Now Bryce: Sakanaction - sakanactio
WT: Multihops March 20, 2018
Andrew's still on location, but we explore tech for mad hops, the possibility of a multiverse, and a difficult moral dilemma. Got something weird? Email neshcom@gmail.com, subject line "Weird Things." Picks: Justin: The Marvelous Mrs. Ma
Hidden treasure in a death pit. Your favorite investigative duo is back with their trademark catch phrase! We stopped dreaming…about UFOs. Got something weird? Email neshcom@gmail.com, subject line "Weird Things." Picks: Justin: Chris Ro
WT: Borged By Cows March 6, 2018
How cautious should we be of increasing AI functionality? Is the doomsaying justified? Predictions on early nasty AI. Cow products minus cows! Nanotech means we can finally get our ten-thousand hugs. #JourneyQuest: It seems Bryce Dave'd himself alre
WT: Spinning Rockets Feb. 27, 2018
Is a merging of technology the solution to hyper-immersion? The miniaturization of tech. Real-life rocket trebuchets. #JourneyQuest: Finally in Bryce Vegas, the boys are going to try to Dave Good Bryce as leader of Bryce Vegas or blow it all up. Either or
The machines are learning!!! Could we handle an electronics-destroying catastrophe? The next frontier of mining: below the sea? #JourneyQuest: One failed PR stunt later, the boys make their way to Bryce Vegas and don't even get distracted a lot at a
WT: Tulsa Motors Feb. 13, 2018
Andrew's back from the Falcon Heavy launch to gush about the experience and distribute the appropriate amount of shame. Brian brings a conspiracy theory. What's the next steps for all the various space players including Blue Origin and the Int
A new vector in fire-starting. A grotesque moral and ethical dilemma from a century ago. The 5 second rule of infectious disease. With Weird Things producer Bryce Castillo. Got something weird? Email neshcom@gmail.com, subject line "Weird Things.&#8
WT: SpaceX Killed My Dog Jan. 30, 2018
Falcon Heavy launches in just over a week. The boys take bets on how explode-y it gets! Space disco balls. #JourneyQuest: With Replicant Bryce in tow, the boys arrive in Bryce Vegas to "Dave" Evil Bryce. Got something weird? Email neshcom@gmai