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Weekly newscast of the off-beat, odd, weird and funny news stories from the past seven days. Brought to you by and hosted by Steve Folland. Now formatted for: iPod - iPod Touch - iPhone

Here's the latest odd news from and it could be the last one for a while.


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Here's the latest odd news from in handy video form.
The latest odd news from - How to turn your baby into gym equipment, the world's biggest burger and a very moody moggie. Also, the record made from chocolate, the curry scented perfumes and a bar selling shots of horse semen.
In the latest Weird Week from Newslite - made out of black eyed peas, the hoverbike becomes real and what happens if you stick to cycle lanes in New York. There's also the sailing ice cream van, the nose stylus for your phone, the new worl
F-35 ejector seat shown off at 600mph - Knitting group recreates artistic masterpieces - 155mph "superbus" could improve your commute - Blood-scented perfumes launched... for vampires? - Thieving monkeys steal sunglasses at zoo - Gun shot dog l
Robot clouds could cool Qatar 2022 World Cup - Decorating made easy... with a light projector - Supermarket Scrabble puts rude words on shelves - Mr Elastic stretches his way into the record books - Virgin Oceanic: Branson unveils his deep-sea plans - Ab
In the odd news this week: Screwdriver-powered cycle designed by DIY fan - Breast op doctor is also an expert knife-thrower - Horse foot shoes on sale at Cheltenham Festival - Life-sized Play-Doh car parked on London street - Would you even notice these
This week - Up house recreated in real life with 300 balloons - House Slide: A home with slides instead of stairs - World's smallest computer measures just 1mm - Dog can only eat while standing on two legs - Tinned odour of cow farts now on sale in
In the latest Weird Week we have got a giant crab, royal wedding gnomes and ; the armoured notepads you shouldn't use in the airport. There is also the hummingbird spy drone and the world's hottest chilli.
This week we bring you news that holiday-makers in Canada are going swimming with polar bears, there's a horse who drinks at a British pub and a criminal genius has the tattoo to prove it.
It's another Weird Week with Japanese tourists sending their teddy bears of holiday, a statue celebrating a psychic octopus and muppet cupcakes. There's also a hotel made from trash, computer game characters invading real life and we see if we
Daleks, Dogs and Dyes. Jan. 21, 2011
Here's the latest odd news update with glowing rivers, the oddest things left in hotel rooms and the penguin which got lost and ended up in a lion enclosure. There is also Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal playing tennis on a floating tennis court, the
It's that time again, Weird Week is here with the latest odd news in video form. We've got an iceberg for you to keep in your freezer and an iPhone 4 made from meteor and dinosaurs. There's also the curious case of the woman who called 999
More weird news in video form. This week there is the world's largest custard cream biscuit, a piggy bank made from the body of a dead piglet and -- like that wasn't enough -- a potato in space.
In the odd news this week (or thereabouts) we have a man setting sail in an origami paper boat and a paper plane being launched into space.In non paper- based vehicle news there's also the world's largest Gummy worm, inflatable crash helmets and
The weird news video podcast with art which smells like the moon, art which is made from toast and Batman helps out the US military.There is also some of the most disgusting dishes ever created and a £5 million iPhone.
Our latest weird news offering includes the horror futures which face London, seedy art and the woman who confused superglue for her eyedrops.
The latest odd news from include a plane with flapping wings, the world's biggest dodgeball match, lighting powered by dog poo and the forehead tattoo mug shot.
The latest odd news from including spray on clothes, a police tractor, and spy spunk.There is also the dog with the longest tongue, the world's longest snake and the smallest cow.
Weird news stories this week include weddings in the sky, real life super heros, high-speed photography and mentally ill soft toys.